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you are polite
and the girls always got your back

I wondered what the look on their face ment
I think you are asian adjacent

You might be a Mexican
Duse makin slaps trick
Know I had to come fuck with my nigga Gavdeez

Cash what I'm chasin
Ashes on the floor got the gas pedal adjacent
Get lost in your head space 
And try to escape it  

If i'm to be blatant 
You can buy me a drink 
And tell me sit back and take it 

I can be your
to conjure up fairytales meant for my Dad
Similar stories, adjacent to Voorhees the public wear medical masks
I took the flame and I light it
It turned
I be fucked up, wasted
Molly in my system got me adjacent to the demons that i'm facing
Fucked up, wasted
Molly in my system got me adjacent
Fuck you
Fuck me?
Fuck you!

I said fuck you
And who you came with huh
I got the juice
It got me faded yuh
I want a pool with a mansion adjacent huh
my patience
Had to cut her off yeah adjacent
Had to cut her off yeah adjacent
Chop you like I'm Jason
Chop you like I'm Jason hold up
Hold up hold up
was love but I might be mistaken 
And even as our bodies lie adjacent
I just can't seem to help but be complacent
Now I can't come up with
a blunt and I face it
The money I chase it
I kill for da bread she adjacent Got water on my neck Yea I'm lakeing
I'm headed for greatness
This kush got me
play catch up around here
Ima always be 100
I know niggas be adjacent
Just made a 2 to 10
No splits is my preference
To the face like my backwood
Yeah, face it
I'm Lasik you basic
Tay today redesigning the mind
Take a tot of this fragrance
I'm patient
Heart racing
You pacing adjacent
Never is
catch a pick
I'm gonna touchdown with bust downs adjacent to my wrist
Ain't no luck now, I'm up now, It's just the start of it, aye
They ain't show no
Adjacent to the Latex Gerbil

Restrained by a mildewed bathrobe, standing before a mirror, with
pupils affixed to a glint of light which penetrates
With no power, I can't be complacent
Order cracks
I'm talking fighting that
Touch my sister, catch one in the back
Take yo triggers from you
the one to lie
Now I got her naked
Both of us are faded
We called her friends and then they made it
Asses both together they adjacent
Yeah yeah
stuck on what it was
Treat me like I’m still up in the basement
Only got the space for who I came with
Me and all my niggas still adjacent
Workin but I’m

Sun rise
Sun fall
Star light
Start night

Constellation, In my mind
Adjacent instance
Adjacent crime
Constellation, In my head
I really don't know
no waitin'
100 Bills they all adjacent
Bring it fast
Aine no waitin'
100 Bills they all adjacent
Freddy Vs Jason
Ion playin'
Hit you wit the machete
I think that I'm changing
Thoughts been racing through my mind
Isolated like I’m in a basement
Did my time now I'm shining
Or I’m shine adjacent
cold, shawty dangerous (Dangerous)
Keep my niggas close, they adjacent 

I keep all my work up in the basement (Basement)
Did this shit alone, fuck is you
the pigment
The motive to the intent
Our history is ancient
Even to the ancient
We are not adjacent
The cover-up is blatant
There is no replacements
And still,
help but here you dreaming, adjacent
I love the fragrance when we're relating, it feels amazing
Chasing the feeling of passion, it's always got me
don't know if it's me
Or the movies we've seen
I don't remember
As well as I should

I stay so silent with your arms adjacent
And credits may soon
you suckas was talking man it's funny we not adjacent
I got ya bitch on my dick she gone face it
Go get some money lil nigga stop playin
I know I been

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