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Life in a bubble jungle

Seeing you believing us adhering
We're the power struck
Believing, then kneeling, appeasing
The power struggle

We're left
leaving town
Life in a bubble jungle

Seeing you believing, us adhering, we're the power struck
Believing, then kneeling, appeasing, the power struggle
Down don't let me get to a mic 
To make a diss song
Because it's on 
From here on out
Fuck around and disappear 
From adhering to clout

Rather be pissed
my words lost all their meaning?
Is this more than a feeling?
Is it all overdue?
Can I define what I've been seeing?
The changes adhering to another
Sweating fearing
Madness takes you down

Man dies he was stricken
With a scepter
In his hands clutching ancient script
to find the truth inside me
I will be free from your irrational fantasies

Adhering to my code of honor
Resist romantic lies you've choked down all our
dough, adhering the Jet Code
And the trill know the jet code, we jets though
Snatch your bitches, bring' em everywhere you cant go 

Yea doe pound sign
Shame on them niggas, you can come through the set
But never bring em withcha

Yea though, the Vet flow, Best smoke
Collecting dough, adhering
the inside
(It takes the best parts of me)
And I don't know why
I'm here anyway
But it feels like
Falling to my face
Adhering to every part of me

I'm not a legend, not a man who changes the world 
Adhering to my culture, I'm afraid to grow old 
Taking a stand I search for my light 
Time is not
Addressing only trivial issues 
Like getting me laceless shoes 
Adhering to the rules of this newfound hell 
Without admitting the fact 
That your son slit his
wonder how we ever survive
Caught in between these parallel lines
Standing in circles, sitting in queues
Strictly adhering to our views

Parallel lines,
Behold your fellow man through centuries of control
Adhering to the decrees of a manufactured god

Your lungs consumed in gore, slime and worm encrusted
Brittle testes eroded in hot, corrosive succus
Adhering to the bone, tissue necrosis a maggot
to build winged shoes or autophagy
Silk screen band tees, take apart a vcr, ringer off, canned peas
Cabin fever mi amor
Patiently adhering

(Where I am)
(Where I am)

I wear my badge.
A vinyl sticker with big block letters
Adhering to my chest.

It tells your new friends,
You're not adhering
To my specific guidelines
I'm giving up
You can't be reasoned with
I'll give you one more chance
Just give it up already
What's it
Between war-time allies
Nothing is eternal
Adhering on one's interests
Step by step
The contacts shift to silence

Their future is truly entwined
as trillions
Their drilling finding rarest metals I'm filling
My teeth with diamonds and wearing 
Adhering to no countries laws I'm a villain 
And spilling
more prized than their essence
Niggas got to go though
You know
Just adhering to the codes of the street
You know it's ride for the guys
Its an eye for
adhering to all seriousness 
Now bring that humor to another and your healing begets
Being of service with your talents where that feeling could stretch
don't do no adhering 
I'm gone 
Gone gone gone

She want the bone 
I been hearing
She mop up the stick when I land 
Call it clearing
She bobbin her head
I've been adhering to their ways
Go right, go left, run off and feed the hangmen
Their wish is your command
Because we let You, because we let
on to
Cuz I've seen the devil it's true and he reminded me of you

Well don't be so hard of hearing, you know what I said
I'd appreciate you adhering

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