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Moving as one, striking like wolves, their blood has trickled cold
With mandibles strong, and teeth grown in rows, adaptive biology 

think I'm quite adaptive
I'm so not innocent, I've never tried cinnamon, everyone saying I'm a vigilante
Killing this beat like a Christian would, sorry I
Pinned down, the battle surrounds now
Cry out for help, looking to the clouds
In dire times, crossing moral lines
Adaptive faith will fall upon deaf
ever asked for
I know it sounds backwards but love is adaptive
I can't keep on asking karma to try to warm up to me
I'm known for the snatching
My grip
You're not alone, I too, but know how impacting 
Can be this laughing and acting
It's so distracting and attractive
I just can't be so adaptive
would swervin
But I got that lane assist
And adaptive cruise control
Wolfman don't do accidents
When they heard your new flow
Homie mass exodus
Ima let
Larks never will, you know, when they're captive
Teach me to be more adaptive, ah

Green finch, and linnet bird, nightingale, blackbird
Teach me how
closed that chapter
I deal wit my adaptive difficulty faster
And question my projected technique as a rapper
I've lost interest in the battle glory
will, you know
When they're captive
Teach me to be more adaptive

Green Finch and Linnet bird
Nightingale, Blackbird
Teach me how to sing

If I cannot fly
seeing and acting and being adaptive
I'm leading the captain, smoking a J 
With the Crew, fuck it okay if you do it
Your way then it's cool, to hell with
The cool breeze kiss my cheek
No destinations just open road
Nowhere to be nowhere to go
Set adaptive cruise control
Relax and blow cigar smoke
Feeling free
Don't turn around
Cause they stabbing your back
I am adaptive
These niggas be cappin'
Exposing the haters be tragic
Bitches be faker than plastic
I don't
Goodyear tire michilen 
Prescription Ritalin 
mind on captive
Less adaptive 
Turn the world on axis
People Can't pay their taxes
Corleone up in this motherfucker

My life a shit show, adaptive from the get go
Old hoes I can't let go of em
Like if she called my phone right now
I know
call me a captain 
Touching the money and moving adaptive 
Catch em I beat em combative 
Tell my lil brother he making him flattened

I'll tackle
Growing up we was lil rascals
Stayed out the way I'm adaptive
Don't play nigga I'm gettin' active
It ain't bout a check it don't matter
We're only built for Cubans, you could never crack the links up
Crafted maneuvers, way back, adaptive as students
Lacking the rubric but we combat
banging and who is this Latin
That stays adaptive and taps on these bangers 
That goons bob their head to and ladies shake asses
A ghetto fanatic of living
create some cases after murdering yo goals to the first degree
Be active bout ya life and remember to be adaptive
Cause change ain't gone put itself itself
Hold em’ captive
Frantic racket from my static
Lives get changed cause I’m
Fuckin’ em raw no
I'm adaptive, but I don't trust em
If I'm feeling it deep I won't buss dem
Yellow tee fresh and its looking all custard
Crepes fit well, their
play I made, you could say I'm placed with greats
Chess made me strategic, adaptive and now I see shit
Like patterns and plots, that be coming to defeat
bitches talk i swear you Ricky lake
I ain't here for drama just for getting paid
I pull yo card so your game isn't getting saved
Dope adaptive do it in
passed it
Damn I am so adaptive
Kidnap success I'm gone hold this bihh captive
Seymour not cappin
Seymour make it happen
Seymour live out everything that

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