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don't try to make it last
That you don't try to make it last

What's your feeling
I got your medecine
I got your medecine
Bright as adamantine
Tell me
or the Wolverine
I just got my claws out: Adamantine (let's go bub)

Diamonds on my fucking chest how they dancing
Water on me, watch it fly like a Mantine

adamantine will ahead us, our fate is to seek the skies 
so the incandescent rise to propel us igniting the self, i am reborn through thy rays
victim lined with chalk
A corsair, filled with horsehair to the core
Dashed on eyes of adamantine, you despised his stripling whine

That little
There to dwell 
In adamantine chains and penal fire
Who durst defy the omnipotent to arms
Nine times the space that measures day and night
What befalls us in the heat of the night?
What befalls us in the heat of the night?

Before long, behind adamantine doors,
I taste of the wine
Allured by me
Forsake said she
Drops, rain, and sea

Now with lowery wisdom
Nobility assured
Opulent sweetness
Vision answered

Slow now,
Visions of the mirage
Will not constrain you, will not erase you
Visions of the mirage

Rising over and beyond
Metanoia: old ways gone
Adamantine, Apollo's
Feel the flash of her teeth like amphetamine 
Her viral scales sparkling—her will adamantine 
She turned a beautiful ocean into a red sea

Feed. The.
Percussions mordantes sur les peaux qui se déchirent
Aux prises avec les forces inébranlables, frigorifiques
Les sons disparaissent dans la nature
Dans l'bateau pas d'piraterie
J'vois le mago la sur la rive
Brille comme pierre d'adamantine
Ah gars on trime
J'fume la kush la clémentine
A ce qu'il
need your reasons
I don't need your reasons, babe]

Adamantine, unlike anything you've ever seen before

Dark eyes winking in the wan light
Waver in
Fly with me from the adamantine gates 
Into the iridescent sky 
To become 
A mote of imperfection 
In the eye 
Of an infallible god 

Nature's bosom
the world with adamantine bands

Be present, Goddess, to thy suppliant's pray'r
Desir'd by all, whom all alike revere
Blessed, benevolent, with friendly aid
the 3's I'm Always green
Fuck an angel face they call me Fiend
Smoking on my third joint With purple lean
You can't break my spirit it's Adamantine
a trance)
Listen to the music baby
Like a millionaire (he's a millionaire)
Listen to the music baby
Suave and debonair (suave and debonair)
Adamantine chains
Vultures rend the flesh
From my tumulting adamantine bones
I don't want to die

Dark arms reach skyward
With bone white fingers
Nine-pronged crimson
Vril-gorged adamantine fiends of the threshold
Spawn of the ersatz interior sun
(Behold, a vast plasma-fuelled crystalline illuminatory orb,
Towering high and adamantine
And broader than any horizon
On the quest for the cave, any weather to brave
Fiercer than Caucasian Wisents
I’m a pacifist in ways, some days
But I can depict the rage
Of a passionate, insane
Captive, ravenous, remains
Strapped with adamantine chains
War-song of the Dragon Lords:]
Dragonfyre in the fray, faith and steel shall win the day,
A god to serf and king alike, the Adamantine Hammer strikes!
Snatched from their peace, taken without leave
Truncated repose, for the decomposed

Adamantine clasp of the mortsafe, the muddy bonds of earth

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