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you doubting
Every meaning you've amassed
Like a fortune

Oh throw it away

For worship someone
Who actively despises you
For worship someone
Say it first
Don't just say it, don't just say it back to me
I need words, use your words to love me actively
Act as if you're actually attracted
and wage a war with where I wish I was 
I find that peace when I piece potential with what it does 

Doing something isn't all that easy 
To actively pursue
to hide us.
Actively working on those defilements.
As you turn to the path of the decepted.

Reality should be defiled.

Let go of the fear
Let go
Force your own priority
On someone else
That dissapproves (but understands)
To represent and actively encourage all of my worst habits
They all are proof that we are both capable
Of the most
That disapproves (but understands)
To represent and actively encourage all of my worst habits
They all are proof that we are both capable
Of the most
the same degradation
But to one, our eyes remain closed.

Actively abusing the rights of one
Whilst fighting for those of another.

The ´ scene ª
to maintain any semblance of relationship on any level
I have been a bastard to the people who have actively attempted to deliver me from peril
I have been
lint filled up to capacity
When I leave out the game jersey is where the rafters be
I be talkin casually you don't listen actively
Street niggas in more
the act is an axe that is actively slashin' 
A setback til I'm back at it 
A dream is but a wish that is way more charismatic 
My cycle's so erratic 

doing it? 
You advertise the moves you make, instead of just pursuing it 
My mind is on the mission to be actively persistent 
If you're really making
the storms of before
When you were actively trying
To block every word
You had such focus and passion

That time is over
It's little more than a dream that I
actively reacting to having passionate habits 
Tongue in a track, bumping it, thumping like jack rabbits 
Who're pummeling something under their thunderous
pushed me 
Into the mid-North American sea
So yeah
It's over

But maybe I'm
I'm not so messed up
Actively innocent
You are the jaded one

I'm sorry for
a choice and it is that choice that like actively yea just makes life better
hope my,
Dreams crash into reality
Pinch me when it happens we been binging through the tragedy and actively
I feel like something great is coming after
Forever be young
Let it be your own reality
When idols become wrong
Actively shape your life

In Venice Beach is body show
People let their muscles glow
i'd like to actively encourage the toughest man to dance as hard as he can to this, my song. and bring your stupidest friends along. we wrote this
they always actively block
Every other viable policy in the same way the powers
Make war the only option
And I know, yeah I know
So many times they've knocked upon my door

Don't believe all that you see
People are actively 
Trying to deceive
save your breath for church on Sunday
Weekend lovers, actively encouraged
Seems we were always ?

Let’s go all the way
Even if we have to pay
yeah, good man. Uh, sorry, long hair, beard or...?

Uh, nah, I'm, I'm uh, erm, I'm actively have a large forehead. That is by choice. Erm, and I'm
I often wonder if you're only in my dreams
Unfortunately it wouldn't be a first for me
Imagination working over actively
I'm needing all these

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