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to love,
Show me where to start,
Activate my heart

(Show me how to love, activate my heart)

Show me how to love,
Show me where to start,
I'm ready to go 
Don't stop 'til everybody knows
This is the purpose of my life
This is, the reason I'm alive
Don't have time to wait 
Armed to educate 
And demonstrate

To the masses
To the people
Left in the dark
With blinders on.

Not holding back to activate.
Never holding
Activate the rhythm, the rhythm that has always been within you

Boss drum, here we go again
Rhythm eternal from a distant time
An echo of long ago
Inhumation - intermenting heaven's light
Altercated - activate the animus
Instigation - terrify the holy hearts
Mutilation - helpless christians
The point of departure
Is not to return
Anything can happen 

I set the wheels in motion
Turn up all the machines
Activate the programs
We can play with Bloody Mary
Say her name into the dark
Activate our nerve endings

If we stay long enough
We can play with Bloody Mary
You don't say you're sorry

Call this real love
Activates this mission to be
On the same time line
Call this free love
Get a ticket
a bridge
Sails wave good bye
Behind a curtain 
Activate and join 
My mind devoid 
Reinstate my beloved 

And there light will pave the way that you go
You need to wake up and activate the dreams of your soul 
Idle, revolt, hero, your hero is yourself they'll break you in, 
They'll break you down
the beat deep in your soul 
 In my heart 
 Love extreme 
 In my mind 
 I can't stop 
 No I can't stop 
Gotta get in on the scene hun
Voice activate machine
Got ya hair in a haircut
You gotta fill up the dream

Got ya finger on the pulse babe
(to activate the compounds in) your brain to think
Activate, activate, activate
Activate, activate, activate
You know I'm about to activate
Activate, activate, activate
Activate, activate
to hold their gun
You must refuse to light the fuse, to activate their bomb
(No more moon missions - it's time for Dorothy's a planet...)
True the summer's gone to flake
And all the sugar cane to cake
And de-activate your
the same 
Cause we won't tolerate 
Any other trait 
Bang! I am maniacal 
Bang! so defiable 
Obliverate dominate 
Self destruct and activate 
Bang! I
Seize the day - is what to do
Grab the moment - make what's best
Don't be still - activate your mind
Discharge the flame - turn dark to light
the great

Anticipate, faith activates
This is your year
Your moment is here

Expect the great blessing now
Expect the great blessing now
the roof. 
Each time you let the bass beat hard 
to know we all spend now apart. 
Just activate your energy 
lets sing the song and come with me.

instructions, you ready?

You need to activate your sexy (activate your sexy)
Silky, smooth and snap (silky, smooth and snap)
Now lean with it (lean), throw
Activate te te te
Motivate si quiere
Un poco de esto
Quiere un quiere un
Quiere un poco
De esto hoy
Quiero qe te decidas

bored of boredom,dulled my senses
so i activate all self defenses
the world won't offer sympathy
they just assume get rid of me

but i'm
Each time you let the bass beat hard to know we all spend now apart. 
Just activate your energy lets sing the song and come with me.

At the end

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