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the trash
Then reduce you to an acronym

W-T-F you reply
I laugh so hard, I almost cry
Beat you to the punch line
Broke your heart before you broke mine
ah, ah, ah, ah

Maybe you don't know what you've got
Spent your money on a desert lot
Holy dances and acronyms for her

Bury your maps
is just an acronym
Just a dream away

You know you are special
You know you are the one(s)
Evolution seeking
Flying to the sun
Light is always with you
I eat with my hands like an African
Wait, do you need a spoon, lil' bitch?
(Yeah, bitch, I'm a killa) haha
All my boys got drip
Everybody gon'
something, fuck an acronym
Cut the fucking act like you're happy, I'm fucking back again
With another anthem, why stop when it doesn't have to end?
It ain't
they wanna hire assassins
They still harassin', I'm so platinum, it's natural
And nigga is my acronym, lights, camera, actionin'

It's still Nasty,
MMG, yeah, that's his acronym
Call him D-A-D-D-Y, like I'm in a bassinet
He's in pieces, he be all up into my fashion shit
Poppin', rockin', my
an acronym
Big body when I'm backin' in
Ladi-dadi, got a bunch of bodies
Niggas fakin', niggas human traffickin' (whoo!)
I'm on the Ac' again, uh
But they can't show a space shuttle re-enter the atmosphere, okay
To blast off you gotta practice Freemasonry
An acronym that stands for Not A Space
I got Trukfit on my back, bitch on this Actavis I'm active
And my acronym is HB, that's for Hot Boy, you a has been
All this bling, bling, bling,
feel the rent too high
She got me fucked up, I think the bitch too high
And I'm a southside astronaut,SA, that's the acronym
Mauri's with the air
Acronym your whole life story
Change your name and change your sex
But you can't deny the pain

All around you
All is fantasy
An endless day
dead, and besides, 
A name like that doesn't make a good acronym. 

I am older now, I know the rise 
And gradual fall of a daily victory. 
And I
days later them niggas died,
Niggas shootin' at the five is committin' a suicide!
I'm a murderous mad dog 
That's the acronym 
M.M.B. front on me
sing-alongs are still my favorite
'Cause there's 99 digits and a comma just ain't one
We share the same DJ name 'cause it's famous
It's an acronym
Blowjobs from model twins
Doin' drugs with acronyms
So many lines thought this shit was bush garden
Party startin' monster with the hair like Blanka
lot of cursing: "Who the fuck is KRIT?"
Another acronym that don't stand for shit
And when it comes to names that's as bad as it gets
Fast forward ten
fleet of the task that they simply call CRASH
That's Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums
If anyone should ask what the acronym reflects
Put into
of acronyms
DD on her chest, CP on my chest
AC on the seats, TV in the deck
SLR couple GTs and a S
DBD(death before dishonor) when I speak, 200 Gs on my neck
of acronyms
DD on her chest, CP on my chest
AC on the seats, TV in the deck
SLR couple GTs and a S
DBD(death before dishonor) when I speak, 200 Gs on my neck
Rappers goin' hard pure for the dope, I got an acronym for Capricorn

Said to them prepared, rigorous, innovative
Captivatin', ordinary, regular, nigga
going to be when
I prey

Husband, father, killer, beast
Monster, Cruciatus Rex
Lusus naturae
Death synonymous with sex
Acronym for terror
dap or a five
Old Droog the greatest rapper alive
Shut the fuck up

Compare the flow to an avalanche
A battle ram, (?) should be my acronym
but I was goin for my doctorate
or my Ph.D in P-A-I-D, see
I got into the business to get paid not sprayed
with BS which is an acronym for a much larger

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