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I've got a job to do

Acrimonious and sanctified
Call me what you will

Acrimonious and sanctified
Call me what you will

Stick to your guns
Acrimonious phosphorescent bodies of light 
Parasitic opportunistic spectors of fright 

Won't be stopping for quite a while 
So just relax and try some opiates
the years 
And those who stood as one turned into acrimonious foes 

Where is resistance? 
Wiped out and killed 
Obey discipline, fear 
Facing the end
And those who stood as one turned into acrimonious foes

Where is resistance?
Wiped out and killed
Obey, discipline, fear
Facing the end
So often I see you acrimonious and bitter
That they put you on the roads in the middle of winter
You give me so much grief I should sell it
(So much
don't know about that though
Been thinking chaos is my friend
Castle told me to keep
That acrimonious steez
And these fascist folk
Practice only to preach
My journey comes to an end
Acrimonious situations have forced my hand
Incarcerated for Political quagmires 
Now a foreign judge decides my fate
the posin', got the
Gates closin', yeah they stay knockin' and
Plottin', oh, uh-oh, oh shit
Ain't in union so be it, the world I'll slowly lift
Undone, yet most certainly alive
Slipping through the air and asking why
A matador of senses, a private cad
Acrimonious defenses fail at last
and then
You just really fucking piss me off
You come across,  like you're the boss
Get lost under my skin

Every now and then I feel a little acrimonious
acrimonious matrimony better get the prenups
Yo let me pick my face up off the floor
Fucked up fo sho before but it passed and I know that I don’t really smoke
and his acrimonious queen
Perished together on opposite streets
Don't bother finding me

Heavy-handed words and platitudes
Skipping stones and empty
I bet you think you see me backwards, babe
You ain't even seen the Blikk Fang, babe
It's not acrimonious, now it's only systems of subtraction, oh
the (Call me the)

Prince of Hell, Asmodeous
Blood shoots out my dick
You could call me Oderous (Brockie!)
I'm felonious, acrimonious
I'll brainwash your kids
still smells the same
Oh we never change
We just wear a different lens
But that shit still smells the same
Your acrimonious cacophony is what’s holding us
devour you like a hunted sheep

Dance for me now, the night will be short
I fight my acrimonious lucidity
Tumors spread to my consciousness
I still resist
The last overfall 

Bittersweet denial 
Senselesness of wisdom 
Acrimonious heart 
Make me hope 

Old man, new life
Without a fight
Acacia, academy, action.

Accede and accost and accept and across
And accompany, acre, accord
Accomplish, account and accrue and amount
till the last minutes of this
Acrimonious overture's crescendo

Still the same old drunk cadet
The very same your fresh friends don't know of yet
My god,
me how to breathe

acrimonious deity
concise, precise
obedience designed
the insurgent apostasy
accrued amalgamations of infected minds by
The heavens cried acrimonious tears 
And ashes covered a shuddering world
The trees all stood naked and withered and died
And became pillars in our
acrimonious in your inebriated arrogance
I'll fill your hollow abdomen with cinders, ash and coal.
And forgot the acrimonious unrest
Which awoke during the moon-shine
Coz' only me is the frame and the blood
And I open your door into autumn

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