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cannot bear all this hatred
Acrimony still grows faster
I cannot bear this hatred
Acrimony still grows faster

On the defeat we are fated
Everything has

You can take my money
Baby take my car
You can take my house my kicks
But baby bring me back your love
All this acrimony
Is tearing me apart
hate, and acrimony
This great division is our testimony

We're dying in the streets
Children are being stolen
And no one can believe
How very far we've
If only i'd owned this malevolence before
Just a portion of the enmity i'm holding over
I'd fly a ward wide around, a wall of thorned acrimony
a pitch
Why can’t we live in peace?
I cannot bear all this hatred
Acrimony still grows faster
On the defeat we are fated
Everything has lost its luster
Plauge the seed of morality 
Behold, the tomes of acrimony 

Coercion steers domination, campaign segregation 
One feasts the victors fruits, 
the 'gift' of life Their fucking eyes driving my acrimony Oh how I plead for extinction You psychosexual retarded cunts Call me prophet of extirpation I will
the 'gift' of life
Their fucking eyes, driving my acrimony

Oh, how I plead for extinction
You psychosexual, retarded cunts
Call me prophet of extirpation

sacred, it's holy like matrimony
I'm payin' her alimony to numb all the acrimony
The flight is to Santorini, the car is a Lamborghini
The cheese,
gonna do?
I know, I know, I know
Your sanctimony
Is showing my dear
The acrimony
Hangs in the air
Beware of who you trust
In this world
Their men are buying me
Drinks at the bar
You can't go far
In this society
So why you coming at me, homie
With so much acrimony?
Your testimony's phony
much acrimony?
Your testimony's phony
And the truth is you don't know me

You're a sexy socialite
(No I'm not, no I'm not)

Sexy socialite
And maybe love really ain't belong with me
Slowed it down, took a vow of matrimony
Who woulda guessed it all ended in acrimony
Our eyes down, heads bowed
And I'm barely balancing as it is, 
And I don't want to drown in my dreams 
Bring me wild plums and acrimony 
I bet you don't even know what
It's acrimony down in the card room
With winning hands thrown on the baize;
Forgotten cards wait on the end of debate
On the good old
adama ngi yakh soufe si... Wooy !!
Oh why oh why oh why frustration
Oh why oh why oh why we need regulation 
Compassion is the remedy for acrimony
to prove
Aint no archangel from heaven come
To save you when you lose
If you burn in me with appetite of gall and fire and blood
Then your acrimony drown
Acrimony and division, are not the purpose of religion

It's time to stand up (It's time to stand up), for love and equality (Equality, equality)
It's time
suit, like they wearing tuxes in wedding ceremonies
Hoes after my bag like they won't alimony
But end up bitter like she played on acrimony
Blessed, like
adey search money
To the gurls ego do you like acrimony
If you lef me you go then aget money
Fine boy no pimple chaley forgetti the bad mind people uhuh
Fed up, feel the acrimony
Four real ones, no testimonies
Die 'fore we rat, throw ceremonies

You ain't blowin', like I'm blowin
This exotic you
each and every single day
Acrimony feels, couldn’t hurt you in a better way
Offer you my help, even makes you want to runaway
If you don’t want my love
Ooh, tryna be here for a good and a long time

I've got anxiety and anger issues, my apologies for acrimony
Roam the corridors of my mind, it's hard
left longing 
Her cruel kiss of acrimony

How long 
Must I wait 
To feel your lies
Add up

I mourn 
Your loss in vain 
I scream 
And writhe in pain 

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