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(Michael McDonald)

It was so right
It was so wrong
Almost at the same time
The pain and ache
A heart can take 
No one really knows
When the memories
Been slangin since carpenters use ?
SKS's, leave em chestless
Inside connects to get they addresses
Request this, put on the hell bound guest list
I be
Until it met it's fate
One evening while it was in the studio
It was struck by the lyrical force of the big daddy Kane
So ashes to ashes,
past the bouncer with the stun gun
I gots to get some lyrics off my chest so let me run one
Cause who's bad? not Michael Jackson when I asked him
mix up like Coco
Cut like Michael Myers, start up fires, I'm a scar hard
Thinkin I be wimpy, I just simply rip em far apart
Ansaars in New York, I know
nigga, do you
I'm Michael Jackson, I'm reincarnated
I channel this spirit like Ali the greatest
Medicinal marijuana, am I medicated?
Aerosmith jaded