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call my accountant woo
Been working I can't take a break
But when I break into a safe I'ma call it a day
So many chains on my neck
You'll think I'm
Say the Blessings
They come in Abundance
In Abundance
Now we dey count money pass
Money pass Accountant
Say the Blessings
Dey come in
a fountain
I make accountants go watch my accountants (Woah)
Your girl keep on moaning, I like how it sounding
I put my new crib on top of a mountain

as a mountain) 
Gettin more money shout my accountant 
(Shout my accountant) 
I do it I don’t talk about it 
(I don’t talk about it) 
Too much cash can’t even
This cat, he was an accountant
You heard me right
Now listen up, it's gonna blow your mind, girl

Well you got it from the street
You got it in your feet
That's how you stay alive
But just a little bit

Well, she don't know
Back in Reno, Nevada
He keeps his profile low
Turf accountant daddy

drive need like 4 more
Them no fit dull my grind no more
Secure the banger
Release the banger
Secure the cash out
I turn accountant
Count it up, count it up
100s and 100s, I count it up
Fuck your accountant, I count it up
Your days been numbered, count it up
Aye, count it up,
start looking
I’m in that place where you found me
I’m using sauce when I’m cooking
I’m like the dripping accountant
I hit this lick and I’m booking
Two fifty, five hunnid, one thousand
You know that I'm good to count it, I don't need no accountant

Did the money dance, in the other hand
Please get accountants to count it for me
Get control of your bitch, she keep flockin' on me
Fly by myself, seen the top
to go 
Accountant keep asking why the money coming slow?
Bitches say they want me for the clout for the clothes 
Promoters say they want me for my brand
I'm ballin 
Niggas mad cause they girls
Keep callin 

We do math 
Counting cash 

Her ass stupid 
Need that 
They stallin 

I sold my
Call up my accountant I can't take no more

I be 
Thumbing through a check til my finger sore
I be 
Thumbing through a check til my finger sore
Oh my God
I'm on a mountain
Diving in the money
My accountant keep on counting
I'ma have a heart attack
I can't keep sniffing powder
Smoking out my demons
Take a trip after I make my money flip
Google translate to communicate too my foreign bitch
Suit in tie when I meet with my accountant
Weed n henny
I want 100, and then 100 thousand
And then more and more and more and more
That’s 4 to the floor of racks for my accountant
Because I can’t keep
I get that cash on the. regular 

Im smokin blunts on the regular 

We Makin Mula don't mess wit us

I Tell my accountant dont mesh it up 

I get
On the paper chase, look like I hit the lotto
When the money close, I can't but help but count it
C-c-commas, somebody call my accountant
text my Accountant (count it)
Uh, wait
Racks comin' in (racks comin in)
Really thought you was my friend
Oh not again
I hit Rodeó to spend (rodeó
'94, Big Poppa and Diddy
And niggas counted me out like my accountant ain't busy
That's five milli' in twenties, sit up and count 'til I'm dizzy
Need a new accountant 
I don't got no friends 'cept the money counter 
Never in a jam cause I move around it 
Wait, run it up 
That's a hundred thousand
Motherfucker you ain't my accountant
You don't know what I'm doing
Focusing on what I'm giving back
Man, make better music
Fuck preaching on top
count for lost in thousands words won't accept accountants yea
Thoughts after thoughts coming across a bikini bottoms thoughts ay
Some thought it was

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