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we have accomplished great acomplishments in outer space we have landed men on the moon and now were probing around mars we are learning how to walk
The whole universe is seen as a marvelous technical accomplishment
And it is made there must be an explanation of how it was made
What were
Hey, hey, hey you visionary guy
You might even shake the hands of presidents
Better send a postcard and keep the family quiet

He's not really
Life, reduced to survival, aimless wandering citizens
Scattered all over, is this a virtual country?

Testify till this accomplishment jacked
to write
And I know my alphabets I said all the right words

But I still have regrets
These scarlet letters man
Ambiguous accomplishments achieving anthems
him things, 
but not listen or give advice. 
His mortgages and credit cards cards 
do not measure accomplishment.
honest with even myself
Did you ever wish you were somebody else?

Accomplishments are transient
They pulled me in unremittingly
Just lasting this

Embrace to betrayal
An arms army salvation
Listen to the selfish ones
They are the voice of accomplishment
Getting out of Purgatory
Is no small accomplishment
And the price is high
And it comes with its own set of conditions
The choice is never clear
When I think how soon we run out of time,
Lookin' back at what I've done in my time,
My accomplishments are few,
But for my days of loving you!

the trawl

Fuck the freshman lectures and blandishments
They just betray impoverished accomplishments
The puppet masters fear originality
They tighten up
negativity multiplies and the result is still positive
Tell your story before they do
Here's to celebrating the accomplishment that
They said we wouldn't

I've tried to put everything
In the right place,
To find order, accomplishment,
Never to upset
The carefully orchestrated atmosphere
and you hide your accomplishments

Why must I wallow in the mire, when you fly above it all
I struggle with a word of truth,
But you would wither if
All the accomplishments are gone
They're burning like candles at both ends
And the flowers of the friendly ghost who passes through the walls
steel my covenant
Frantic disembowelment
Mutilating miscreant
Sickening accomplishment
Spreading gore is time worth spent
Perpetuate this mad intent
of what I am watching for.
Distract for years and complain.
And silhouettes never project definitions of accomplishment.
Walk for hours and pertain.

your works toward your brother beings

Now let the truth shine bright through all your actions
As you strive toward the accomplishment of your missions
takes such accomplishment
This insight fading crutch analogy
Quiet restraint takes all the best in me

And you can tell them you're the girl
Who sold
Confusion's pulled the reins tight in your soul 
Tight in your soul 
Think it's all going to make sense 
That accomplishments are gonna make you whole
You wanna feel good because of our accomplishments
Why the fuck don't you just do it yourself man

I've tried, man, I've tried
While you just
Success serenades me
And pressures at the door
Broken promise debris
Lie around from my mind war
And my accomplishments interrogating me
another now
Waiting to happen

The roar of an action silences all the words
The cry of an accomplishment
Drowns the whimper of ten thousand words
And we
accept our atrophy. begin to start to relapse. in time we'll forget your accomplishments. its too soon for you to stop living

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