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those who question

A vicious circle of passive acceptance
Passive acceptance of a vicious circle

Prevention by convention of infantile dissention
The say the world was coming to an end 
Well, it was by our own hand.
Turned out the world kept turning, only we ended.
All the evidence was there
burnt, vital organs charred and blackened
Scorch to disinfect is the method for acceptance

Purification By Fire
Transformation is rapture

Decaying as I am
I need not some promised land
I know I am failing
Acceptance was the plan

No silence in the sea
Nothing tranquil awaits me
competitive to the bone
Such tragedy to trample on each other with how much we've endured
With the state this land is in
You and me feel joined by only
Simple things mean a lot to me
Some things only children can see
Simple things like horses running free
And easy acceptance of life

Wasted, wasted
A day's gone by
Waking up tired
Paycheck for the time

Here's to feeling stable
With all your cards on the table
Wake up,
competitive to the bone

Such tragedy to trample on each other 
With how much we've endured
With the state this land is in

You and me feel joined only by
back only pain,
Their bigotry and greed has always been the same.
With blind acceptance with swallow all their lies,
D by their hatred we learn
And the army starts to fight the incoming
Soon you'll be much easier to capture
So calm down
Any desperate thoughts I have left in me
An acceptance missed by
The shadow is taking over by acceptance...the shadow is taking over.
The movement pulled below. strifled crises are thrown aside but I am

On Racherie they have worked with their island dreams
By Lough Cleggan they have nourished in the mountain streams
And in searching for
and unfulfilled

A need that I can't understand
Some uninvited guest
Is whispering demands

Private and off the beaten track
Sometimes I think I'm gonna better myself,
Searching for acceptance in this big, wide world.
Sometimes I think I won't make it,
Playing in a rock
Enslaved by society chosen by your free will
Enslaved by democracy and fake equality
Enslaved by society run by your energy
Enslaved by
What becomes as red sight sees life
Lies and the mouths that birth them, sworn to abide
Cutting the lifeless pieces, rotted by time
Strangled by
These are the darkest of times
Where acceptance and love are cast aside for Bitter judgement
By broken spirits vomiting curses
To raise one self
Level, Crumble 
Level by the hatred 
Can't really explain our nature 
Genocide was created 
Blown into the backs of children 
Pushing - miles away
One by one
Rooted from a place of intolerance
I won't cater to a coward
That hides behind a fraternity
Just so he can feel empowered
a perfect world go by
We're all looking for love and meaning in our lives
We follow the roads that lead us
To drugs or Jesus

My whole life, I've tried
We carve our way through better times
The grindstone, out to kill
Acceptance from the underground
Enough to get us by
Metal minds will stand
personal number
Soon to be explained in future interviews or instances
By listening to this album, you are literally
And I cannot stress this enough
the holocaust Mother blinded by birth of love Even as death rots its stench, The heretic wears the crown Sanitarium for the mental failure The baring of three
your intensive, 
Protracted campaign of saying nothing at all. 
Your daydreams of black tie affairs at Rideau Hall. Your acceptance speech. 

Baby's got blue eyes
 Like a clear blue sky
 Watching over me
 Blue eyes
 I love blue eyes
 When I'm by her side
 Where I long to be
 I will see