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Throw yourself
Into the smoke
Of possibilities

Your clean noose
The apparatus
Force over ability
A gateway to secrecy

Spirit, absent
Spirit, absent
Absent minded me
Absent minded me
I'm losing a key
Or missing a glove
Just like me to lose my love
Gotta find it, absent minded me
Dizzy dopey
A rumba. A Gipsy sings his love for an absent woman, 
And how happy the memories of her dancing make him.
Cheap white wine 
Memories of happiness frozen for all time 

I hear you crying in my heart 
Absent friends shall live by love 
Remember places of my
Under the reap 
Under the gray 
Under the grief 
Under the myth 
Under the meek 
Under courage 
Under caring 
Loves screaming, so quietly and in pain
Loves absent, it's failing her once again, again

Loves screaming
Loves screaming

Dark future, she just
Darkness hovering
Grasping everything it sees
Void empty
Absent life and absent dream

Let there be

Angels toil and crack open 
In this darkness restored,
To grasp your absent grace in desperate embrace,
To make your false heart true, in the middle of the night oh oh oh

Absent Friends
Absent friends, here's to them
And happy days, we thought that they would never end.
Here's to absent friends.

Little Jean
the screen
Decidedly gone absent
From the scene

Gonna fly down
Pick it up shake down
Get it to you
We took the long way home
And we didn't come back
cherish them
Was it you that had my back,
My absent friend?
I have to take these challenges to head on
No more excuses or fragile promises
I hope now I
That all could gather 
That we could marry 
Faces absent 
That she could see this 
As if time hovered 
That he'd caress him 
That jars
tes yeux absents se dévoilent
Des fièvres aux moiteurs tropicales
Quand tes pupilles se dilatent
L'eau trouble des étangs s'y
the unshockable?
Or have we become the saddened?
Activity is absent, things are looking scarce

The human heart is on trial for a limited spell
A human heart is
the dead of night, absent are the saints

Changed men, will change
There's only two kinds, ones with truth within and ones with plague inside...

the dead of night, absent are the saints

Changed men, will change
There's only two kinds, ones with truth within and ones with plague inside...

to absent friends

My insides are crying out as I walk alone
A body without a soul looking for a home

Another hold in my expensive shoe
Another shiver
Destitute populations
Diseased minds
Censored opinions
Dwelling on time are people really blind
Or just absent of their minds
A continuous

But if all that we do is absent of Jesus, 
Then this so called love is completely in vain
been paid
I've been paid

Don't get offended
If I seem absent minded
Just keep telling me facts
And keep making me smile
Don't get offended
If I
She speaks without discretion
Holding no intention to confuse the following absent minded
It's separation. it's called neglectance
And depending how
This is when panic and shock are given out in doses
There is nothing to admire
Absent from this present anxiety is liberation
Malice now exists
I wear my leather jacket like a great big hug
Radiating charm - a living cloak of luck
It's the only concrete link with an absent friend
of absent fate

Fear of pain and sorrow will reign inside of you and lead you through the
Inner you in the center of a universe

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