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about Demi Moore.
And it took me by surprise I must say
When I found out the Pope was gay.

I read it in the tabloids.
Elvis Presley's doing just fine.
When you see me better cross the street Frogger
Then go home and write about it blogger
Did I do that? Urkel
Yo Angela, who's The Boss? Merkel
home on a furlough
Ask around, who's laid up, sharp and straight up
Mafioso, getting niggaz wigs sprayed up
Skies are misty, my life's predicted by
"And I beg, yes I beg that all who touch this spring 
May share my fate" 

"We are the one 
We are the one" 
on 24
And it's all love in the city, still scream XO, when that Henny pour
But I'm that boy, not just any boy, what the fuck you think that I'm in it for
don't look like Demi Moore
Hips all on 45, waist all on 24
And it's all love in the city, still scream XO, when that Henny pour
But I'm that boy, not
They're the ones who made the blues
Who's gonna fill their shoes? (That's what I need help about)

Down in the delta. Old sun house 
Hard luck
my boy they're talkin' about
It must've been my boy (who else could it be? yeah!)
It must've been my boy (ooh baby baby)
It must've been him that's
"I made it like that, I bought it like that, I'm livin like that" [Repeat: x 2]

Yo I never brag, how real I keep it, cause it's the best
to me” 
I'm without you 

Tell all the English boys you meet 
about the American boy back in the states 
The American boy you used to date 
who would

Who is the man with the hats with the snaps,
Droppin' the raps with the truth, to the youth that's bustin' the caps?
They won't end
And thinking about them
Your time you will spend.

Bless the child that's born of a union
Grown out of love
He's richer by far, he's
equal pay
Pride is keeping us apart
Love is all that cuts to the heart
Keep him by being a friend
Who can tell how well it will end
Boy like Silkk the Shocker, pull up on your blocka with the Waka Flocka
Momma hit me on my cellular told me that Quavo got caught by the coppers
she leave on the light
While she waited and prayed that you came in
And who'd be there for you right up to the end
Think about it tonight

Are you
who slogged the brown-eyed boy

And it's the end of everything that you've been told about
Decency, honesty
And it's the end of holding back
The big burly man shouted accusingly
"And I think it's about time someone taught you a lesson or two"
"You tell 'em, Dad," said Farm Boy
Who by this time

Protected by her mantra
Following the formula
In the sun thy will be done

And chasing her rainbows
Talking with the animals
Who say,"You see, it's
on the screened-in porch
And I stared out past the shade tree
That my laughing daddy planted on the day that I was born

And I let time go by so slow
And I made
that sound for ya
Yeah boy you know we about to put it down for ya,
So kick your shoes off,
Before you have a sound voyage,
And siyanara see ya
About a boy who'd always strayed
And a girl who took the fog away
Man, if it could be that way
Then I would come without delay
Yes, with
boy who mowed the lawn
And tinkers about his old car
But just today I saw a new little boy
Coming down the sidewalk
I swear he was headed straight
A bungalow by the sea
(Boy)You're really naive to ever believe a full of baloney phoney like me
(Girl)  Say! How about the time you went
I dreamed about my mother dear old papa sister and brother
I dreamed about that boy who's been waiting for so long

Homefolks think I'm big in
has taken
That has scrambled up her head
There's a boy just down below me
Who's the son of some well-known
He was brought in by his mother

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