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Dragons' fire burns the sky
As the heavens are ablaze
By a wizard's spell and sorcery
His eyes inflamed as he turns into a star
The prophets'
the source
The location of this ageless place
Ashen apocrypha, the pages were burnt

By God-fearing men set ablaze
Solitude reigns in this concealed place
I still hear the snares in the square
Colors ablaze in the evening
The air was still down the stormy hills
It's good to be young and daring

Heaven ablaze in our eyes
We're standing still in time
The blood on our hands is the wine
We offer as sacrifice

Come on and show them your love

Search across barren land
Inhibitions of solitude for the rising hand

Pepetual dreams
Deafening screams

Dreams and knowledge perishing
set ablaze, set ablaze

Ravage my soul
Plunder my mind
Branded by thunder, fire and ice

Trampled in fury by hordes of the light
I am crushed by
I stand engulfed by the moon-magic of a winter eve's dream,
Enraptured by bloodlust, and nine fire-gems ablaze,
I am beckoned by sylph-spells
I've been blinded by
The beauty of your eye
This worries me (she whispers)
Sunshine my love
The meanings of her words do move
Undressed indoors
To me
On high! 
Impassioned like svelte sylphes we fly. 
Carried by perpetual circles of seasons. 
Aside to wind and breath - the archetype symbols. 
tighter through the hailstone 'til we reach a new shore
Want to be nourished by the heat that radiates and restores
Lie down in the sun and get something
Blizzards reign the fires by
The pod their cold heat set ablaze my
Burning soul embodiment at least
A fear rises the storm clams the choirs
While you, your fragrance drags
It conveys me to the country

And is...
your birthday?

As if by flight, behold
I am sat in a leafy
I've been blinded by
The beauty of your eyes
This worries me (She whispers)
Sunshine my love
The meanings of her words do move

Teach me the tongue of fire
So that I may set the world ablaze
For it is cold
And this blindness can no longer give me shelter
Teach me
the heavens

Mighty : the wind of storm
Forks of lightning lacerates dark sky
From within : the clouds : ablaze
By the flash of the silver hammer
Slumber has erased me.
Comfort is only skin deep.
A dirty mirror is reason.
To digest, correct in medicine.

I burned up, I burned up
of my life

And as I see the fury of the fire and the flame
I wonder if my children will have to see the same
I've seen rockets all ablaze
I've seen
Shivers herald an upcoming possession
The urges to create set us ablaze
Demonic art sacrificed to the night
A monument of malicious sonority
a heart a heart!

Can I prove how I yearn
Just by the turn of a phrase?
Can I keep my control
When all my soul is ablaze?

Maybe you would call
the sequel
3 by 3 for my people

Set it, set it, set it, set it, set it... ablaze

Set it ablaze like a candle wick
Hotter hotter hotter hotter
Cold embrace, like these old wings set ablaze
Old wings set ablaze
Summon the violence to end our pain, call out
to future brethren "We'll erase
Poles of wood 
The Picadores stood eyes ablaze 
To view brutal contest 
In the vale of years 
Courage unfailing 
Agility exhausted 
Youth entered
Cadaver Rites reveal the sight 
Of Battles soon to come 
The Banshee cries, all must die 
The Witch can not be wrong 

Her Eyes ablaze, a hollow
I still hear the snares in the square
Colours ablaze in the evening
The air was still
Down the stormy hill
It's good to be young and daring
I still
Embraced by lengthening shadows I wander
On the ashes of those still ablaze...
Into the night and onward to the focus of my heart!
Drawn by the stars

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