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just what we've abhorred
Listless through the ceasefire
Lit up by the war

What we want is just what we've abhorred
Listless through the ceasefire
in front row
branded, abhorred 
i need to you to tell me what paradise is like
for i'm starting to forget
without the tools to sense abstract truths
spirit of Christmas to come 
A Gretel sick of merely sucking Her thumb 
Than gingerbread men 

Spawned scorned, abhorred by the aerial 
She was
wrapped in the arms of rage

Agitation is my patron lord
Miscreant seraphim of all abhorred
Her admiration is my just reward
My coronation
the witches Hear my plea To stop the abomination  The Sun bore down On this fathomless despair A fallen crown The stench of evil fills the air  To the abhorred
Alone I die, alone I die, alone I die
Tragedy consumes, comprehension abhorred
Perception twists a temporary form of being
Alone we wait in this
the door
His heart abhorred, she didn't give a shit
Like she plunged the knife deeper and choose ignore
It's harder when the night comes
That's when
our veins

Confounding status quo shall be no more
All yield archaic evils long abhorred
Reveal solutions draped in mystery
A testament for martyrs'
burying myself
And I'm so useless and abhorred
Backing into corners
Put another drink inside my hand while
I make another land-speed record out the door
So are you without end! 

You are formless, 
Without end! 

Fumes of dark, 
Spawned in blood, 
Bathed in cosmic spew, 

limb from limb

You face a greater terror

Join the eater of worlds in his abhorred empire
Abandon hope
Perish into the fires
Your burning ashes let him
Infinite blood can never, can never quench.

A soul infested with nihilist beliefs leaves it burning abhorred.
Evil intentions covered with
Infinite blood can never, can never quench.

A soul infested with nihilist beliefs leaves it burning abhorred.
Evil intentions covered with
Kings adored, abhorred
Apple, crown and sword
Lions green and red
By fire killed and wed

One more day youÂ'll see
Master good John Dee
The truth of all forgotten things too horrible for thought or mention
And now the churning death from depths abhorred is found
His fervent duty unleashed
of deterioration Christianity abhorred begin the decimation of reverence your life and spirit... scorned cleanse the earth through havoc-induced ferocity rejoice...
Tartarean gloom covers his throne
Uplifted beyond hope abhorred
With the majesty of darkness round
Whence deep thunders roar

Satan except, none
Wrapped and confounded in a thousand fears
The sadness I present, smiles with tears
Where once I'd loved now lied forlorn beauty
And wars abhorred by
Unseen by the believed
Unbelieved by all who see

So when you become every dream abhorred
A being so bitter not worth
The weight of ice in his words

reason to defy the truth 
False prophets on the rise 
Innocence abhorred 
Vigilantes everywhere conclude 
Self righteousness or death 

opposition improve my position above competition adored yet abhorred in this morgue of submission atrocious agenda dommander defender engrossd in my splendour
sepulchre as altar

He who leaps the loftiest of mountains
Pride and proscription now abhorred
Smoldering in exile, eternal
Azazael: awful lord
Unbound, forgotten, ignored
The ugliness abhorred

The razor; the bullet; the length of rope
Our tools are numerous, our hatred overflows
The razor;
Christ, I'm abhorred,
Doomed execration afflicted curse,
Non-believers fate - forgive me lord

An undertaker is my last hope,
Intense mortification, I

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