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your sister tryna fuck us?
You'll be at the same job while the aliens abduct us
Saying, look at these badass stupid motherfuckers
We are the same old
Abduct it, corrupt it, but I never can
It's just saturated loneliness

Does the silence get lonely?
Does the silence get lonely?
Who knows?
I've been
and abduct, to murder and fuck.
Decomposed, deceased and devoured.
We lure and abduct, to murder and fuck.

Putrefactive fly blown and raw.
Please come visit me again
Take me away, far away
I can't take another day

Abduct me

I hate my parents, hate my school
Hate everyone who thinks
a rhyme, why not?
Raps hittin' so hard, you'll think you shot
I'll take a show and abduct it
Stone cold house it, if it gets wild
With gasoline I'll
The best of CG
Abduct the PD
See me?
Nigga, not in 3D.
Be me?
Hah, it's not easy.
I'm breezy
And off the Heezy
Me and my woman's like George
When the world has turned its back
When the days have turned pitch black
When the fear abducts your tongue
When the fire's dead and gone

snakes cannot be trusted
And I bet y'all niggas don't say shit, because I'm feeling lucky
And I still pray everynight that Aliens abduct me, Tunechi
I catch your mama going to therapy
And cut her throat
You lil' sister walking home from school
I abduct her, then I fuck her
I hit ya park
in the night like a kinky undertaker
I think I'm on a caper to abduct a nerd from the Ivy League
Next stop at the strip club snatch a bad one
undertaker I think I'm on a caper to abduct a nerd
From the Ivy League, next stop at the strip club snatch a bad one
And flee what's next, I'm stakin' out

And you
Have removed this temptation
That's troubled my innocent child

To abduct and abuse and to render, (bereft?) and defiled

removed this temptation that's troubled my innocent child
To abduct and abuse
And to render ? and defiled
But the river is deep to the base of the water
Abduct these cowards out like they got ganged in
I said fuck me, I feel the same then
Talk behind my back and when you see me, wanna make friends
If you rob, steal, backstab and abduct
Sooner or later you will self-destruct
Chorus: You're living foul
what tha fuck
Kidnap and abduct (check it out)
Niggaz like you don't make it over hear
Where it's all about your heart and tha clothes you wear
I moved
and waiters
My click, from the minor league jump to major
We gon' rock until we jackpot, fuck them haters
If we have to run up in City Hall, abduct the Mayor
stomach's sore....
From cigarettes and coffee
It's never taken me this long before....
Poppa's gonna owe me a big bonus....
When he hired me to abduct you
But disrespecting, niggas
Abduct and start a collection from collecting, niggas
Kurupt just don't give a fuck, motherfucker

[Chorus 2]

on niggaz
And hijack the bank abduct ya ditches
Can't fly, got a nice plan tuck to fit ya
I'll be lost a fare kid paid bucks to bitch ya
So, no, we're
the fuck am I doing 

I fuckin' joined the airforce
Not the space marine corps
Joined to fly a jet, cuz
Not abduct innocents
But I guess, in a sense
I fly
a lottery to abduct people
They stuff us
They mount us in their homes
They even use our skin for fancy clothes
AWOL . Just couldn't be one of us pickin' up civilian fucks
Job's too cool to roll from, man
I get paid to abduct, know what I'm sayin'?
Plus, I got
Aliens hover in space
Observing the human race
Studying who to abduct
Past abductees will be sought

And now about me
I'm a serial killer

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