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jukin' babe
Drink a lil' somethin', sing a lil' somethin'
And roll out babe
Let's get up on a room
Gonna make you scream like Michael Jackson
Eh eh
like Michael Jackson and "Remember the Time" (Do you remember?)
Put on your dancin' shoes or somethin cause you sure can't rhyme

(Big up, big up!)
this a risky buissiness
A No Limit Souldier
Commanderin' Cheif
An' Michael Jackson
Can't rock a muthafuckin' party like me
I'm bumpin' for the real
past the bouncer with the stun gun
I gots to get some lyrics off my chest so let me run one
Cause who's bad? not Michael Jackson when I asked him
[Repeat x7]
I'm sing-ing-ing-ing in the rain ain ain 

Ah ah ah ah ah

I start with a rhyme as I enter your mind
I hit so hard even Michael Jackson