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a question of low iq. 
Cause if it was well then the answer wouldn't be me but you. 
A.K.A I-D-I-O-T, don't know who the hell 
I'm supposed to be I-D-I-O-T
on stretchers

[Sheek a.k.a Louch]
Now I might get drunk
Or I might get high
But my game stay Trump
And my style stay fly

[Styles a.k.a Holiday]
I might
Oh oh oh, you don’t know me now, A.K.A
You don’t know me now
Oh, you don’t know me now

They all seem to watch you when you go
I was here, oh,
yalls like romeo clap yo god dam hands and if you like me you only have 
One homie Alex Martinez a.k.a Nene so if you like us clap your hands

It’s been a long time
I wanna hear Vol. 2 I heard its fire
Don’t be a stranger

Hey, Romeo Santos
Hey man, It’s Kevin Hart
A.k.a chocolate drop
It’s been a long time
I wanna hear Vol. 2 I heard its fire
Don’t be a stranger

Hey, Romeo Santos
Hey man, It’s Kevin Hart
A.k.a chocolate drop
Because it will not do,
A single thing that you're sure it ought to,
With your so called friends you love,
As an a.k.a of a pseudonym that you wish you

Lock the doors, turn off the lights,
Remove all your clothes!!!

::..Sergio Ramirez..:: a.k.a Glassjaw-Sparta
the north side a.k.a yeast, or

Wonder bread, or ah flame on her junior high name, (burn baby burn) and she has halitosis.
Ha, ha, I'm fine y'all
It's your boy Ghetto Superman
A.k.a Lyfe, a.k.a don't got a wife
What up Young Boy?

Everybody talkin' about livin' on Capital
chica don't keep it bottled
Not for mañana a.k.a tomorrow
Come on candela, uh, déjalo
Eres la estrella
Tonight's your sueño

It's so confusing you
Let me get 'em
Fuck it
It's the DJ Khaled
The Don Dotta
A.K.A we the best
A.K.A Shit on niggas (dot) com
A.K.A Nappy Boy bitch!

We global!
skirts man
They fucked
Aye look
Let me get them
Fuck it
It's da DJ Khaled?
Big dog pit bull jamma scordian
A.k.a we da best
A.k.a shit on niggas
Cote d’Ivoire représente
2.7.Z.E.R.O Sevran
K double A
A.k.A Thulsa Doom
A.k.A super nova
A.k.A double rotor sisi

Je vais passer
Yo, my name is Taquell A.K.A Baby Poppa
Told ya I know Ali

Y'all thought I was playin'
I told y'all I know the Lunatics
Leezy, Nelly, Spud,
But my name Mims a.k.a cut the check

I used to play the bench
But now I'm on deck
When I'm hopping off the jet
Nigga?s face look upset, but I'm


Check out this beat mayn

( talkin )

Blue Magic
Marseille, centre-ville
Street Skillz

Carlito Briganté, el bandit A.K.A
El homme qui tombe à pic, souvent sous alcool, hombre
blackhead and heed the call
Aiyyo, no static at all

I flip on kicks, my DJ tricks
The a.k.a code name Richie Rich
"Daddy Rich, you never watch him
We're gonna bring you up to speed, so check it out

Bam, super-nature god damn
Cerrone on the microphone, I am
Adrock a.k.a sharp cheddar
We're triple trouble ya'll
We're gonna bring you up to speed

Hey yo, BAM super nature god damn
Cerrone on the microphone I am
Adrock a.k.a sharp
they claim/
i'm a head of tha game /
'cause they call me beretta 'cause i'm sprayin ya brain/
Lil Blake a.k.a Beretta High Point, NC 27260
Met a lot of pretty women, A.K.A distractions
And some fuck niggas with subliminal captions
I won't, I won't, show these lames no compassion
Soulless bastard
I'll bet you're sorry now
I'll bet you're sorry now

While we're speaking of cowards
I'll look straight through you, a.k.a