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Noam Chomsky · Chomsky · Noam

they blow it to kingdom come

Riderless horses, Noam Chomsky's Camelot
Bruises on my hands from digging my nails out
A series of images against you
sĂ©dentaire, c'est dans tĂȘte que c'est dangereux man
le corps calme, l'esprit qui rame au maximum, chum
Comme Noam Chomsky sur un trip d'opium

Chu pas
then I read some Howard Zinn now I'm always depressed
And now I can't sleep from years of apathy, all because I read a little Noam Chomsky
I'm eating
My show is a little bit silly and a little bit pretentious
Like Shakespeare's willy or Noam Chomsky wearing a strap on,
It's also a little bit gay
Is that Noam Chomsky on the telephone?
syntactic structure like Noam Chomsky
A student so overzealous I motivate my trainers
Id rather get some now then get some later
Take a break from writin
Stonehenge - rock, rock on
My man Art Bell - where you at?
My man William Cooper - where ya at?
My man Noam Chomsky - where ya at?
Illuminati - where ya at?