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Learnin' the Blues
-Artist: Frank Sinatra from "The Capitol Years": Capitol CDP-7 94317 2
-peak Billboard position number one for 2 weeks in 1955
is cryin'

You know if I can sing pop tunes like
Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jr.
I don't think I still could do it
Cause Lucille don't wanna play
know, if I could sing pop tunes like Frank Sinatra or, 
Sammy Davis Junior, I don't think I still could do it, 
'Cause Lucille don't wanna play nothing
taken care of

Do you think that Led Zeppelin
And Frank Sinatra would go together?
Edit, no combinations of music

You're about to play a soul, 45 rpm
Take my advice
It doesn't get easier watching the golden orbs floating out of the bars
And into space there's Frank Sinatra on the Juke box
The Syndicate of Sound is playing
At the Free Frank Frenzy
Me and Mitchell
Drinking ourselves into gin oblivion
Hold onto this, hold onto that
eyes and you could pretend you're me
A cut from the cloth of the Kennedy's
Frank Sinatra having dinner with the Genovese
This is the genesis
I think it's crying.

You know, if I could sing pop tunes like Frank Sinatra
Or Sammy Davis Junior, I don't think I still could do
It, 'cause
Well, if I'm Frank Sinatra you're Audrey Hepburn
I like to sing and you like the movies
Life it's not a photograph, you gotta keep moving
Frames are
some bullets that so round
50 took a look at it and told me to slow down
Petey you need me nigga just holla and I got ya 
Throw on some frank sinatra
know ya
(until I know ya)

Yea huh
Let me hear the song that sync
I wonder what song she'll sing
Would it be your Frank Sinatra hit or maybe a tune by
pollution, opposite of Lucifer and old Medusa
Rap like Frank Sinatra with a chest cove
Feel like a brand new Lamborghini getting test drove
Mangling with
Representin to the fullest, like dat dere

Organized madness
The young Godstra
Ha hah, young Frank Sinatra, beotch!

Chorus: repeat