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Singing don't worry
One love, one heart, one aim, aim, aim
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Hummingbirds humming by (ooh ooh)
1: Ziggy Marley]
Woke up this morning, smile with the rising sun (Yeah-Yeah!)
Three little birds, pitched by my doorstep (Yo-Yo!)
Singing sweet
Grab a hold of yourself, open your eyes
Get wise to the exercise
Being taught by the teacher that's most dominant
You need knowledge?
Well I'm
Ziggy Marley
So we go so, yow
Ziggy Marley
Buju Banton raggamuffin with the Do Ray Me
'Loving Clear' by Ju Ju Royalty
Under the Maestro with I 'My Daddy'

Well, love and inity, is what
And look for you on marley lane in every building and every street sign
Oh why did we ever go so far from the road

But you've got nothing to hide, you
Ziggy Marley
So we go so, yow
a Beverly gone tell everybody

Well, tell 'bout 'Works To Do' by Ziggy Marley
Buju Banton raggamuffin with the Do Ray Me
'Loving Clear' by Ju Ju Royalty
Mr. Magic and Marley gave radio a lift
You don't understand, but we do
That's why I'm tryin' to explain it to you
So sit back and listen,
fuck it up
Every government he set up, it be corrupt


Dead prez, people army, steve marley, ghetto youth crew

What you know is who you are,
the morning and I see dollar signs
Said shawty wanna rolling, I’m like oh man she fine
I got money all in my pocket and my Audermar on shine
So why you
a drive by turn in to a love parade
Battleships turns to the Love Boat
Refugees found our home that we’re looking for
No more robberies, everybody eat
keep them bitches 'cause I’m young and I’m getting it,
I’m young and I’m getting it

Okay, I wake up in the morning and I see dollar signs
Said Shawty
would you like...
Yo, she got a convertable Benz, yo
[ Marley Marl ] Yo, yo Craig, you buggin, man
		Yo, let's make jam, but we're not talkin bout Benz
down to the rides on east parade,
By the lights of the palace arcade
And watch night coming down on the sovereign light café

I'm begging you for
It's the protege of 50, inspired by Biggie
Burns more than Ziggy, them lil' niggas dig me
I been stressed out lately, so I'm smokin more than
Four by four, eight by eight
Twenty by twenty bars, I demonstrate

I'm on that Richard Pryor, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali
Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix,
stacks round big gats round me tha thrax round me purple packs around me no sacks round me I smoke like marley I niggaz ride harleys I hurt ya daughter
spazz on them
How can home be where the heart is,
When your shadow even fucking leaves you when you are in darkness
Still get stopped by Sergeant Pepper,
But what's good for the goose, is still good for the gander

I don't believe Bob Marley died from cancer
31 years ago i woulda been
a little graze
I remain relevant I’m a raw element
High street intelligent product of my tenement
Son of Anarchy, smoking that Bob Marley
La la la be
Can I see the peace sign up in the air?
You know what this is?
The wrath of Kane, takin' over your circumference
Destroyin' negativity, and suckers
Stephen Marley
Yeah my love, oh oh
Shaggy! Uh
Yeah my love (yeah, my love)

And if I don't tell you, as much as I want to
Girl, my love
punk cyaan finish weh Bob Marley started
Gong to the Zilla, I'm the Don Die-Hearted
Anywhere me go, dem roll out red carpet
Some man a buy car and nah
keep my shit
For the students in the class that wanna peep my shit
Break a bootlegger leg if he leak my shit
You don't wanna sign him bitch then eat my

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