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On miehet hiljaisia, vaan neks luotijuna.
Yt piv, vsymtt, kuin riivattuna
Kulkee luotijuna.
Silmnkantamattomiin vain radan jlkeen rataa,
I started with A be	 see, defeated my enemies. Now all that's left are letters Y&T. 
It's just a processional. It's not a confessional. The meaning
Sinon ton homme
Y't' fra la loi
Sinon ton mec
Y's' foutra d' toi
Sinon ton... écoutez-moi
Fill's garez-vous v'la les maris
Y'sont là pour becqu'ter
And the problem's out of sight
Take your democratic choice
Take a scheme or starve
Job clubs, restart, yts, cps, eas
Company profits doubled
Wages chopped in
Y&T (Yesterday & Tomorrow) - Forever

I surrendern all my love
And you, you make my desire run
Hot, hot as the desert sands
YOur eyes have
vårt land gro

Under hammerens tegn vi lever
�kser ,sverd og skjold vi bærer
Stolt vår fane høyt vi hever
Odin og de hoeye æser vi ærer
ring tones.
Light skin til black little P--YT's
Boricua mami's that like to eat Mickey D's
Always into somethin' like N-W-A gota little bittie frame
full of cougars, slow
This just might be an interesting YT
Yeah nigga, this a crew cut

Crew cut, momma say yo crew cut
On that GT, pop for me ooh-eh
We had that Venice to the mall cracking
YT2 extort staff
Rock Porsche, Box Chevy's
With Tech N9ne let them all have it

I been dope, cleaner than