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be soldiers, our daughters will never need guns
These are the yrs between
These are the yrs that were hard fought and won
Contracts torn
You think yr a loser, baby
But you drive all the girls crazy
Yr not a too screwed up punk
Yr a total cali hunk
Yr whole life is disenchanted
We've talked about it in letters 
And we've talked about it on the phone 
But how you really feel about it 
I don't really know 
What's Yr Take
Saturday night & dancing 
Saturday night & dancing, in yr arms
In yr arms
Thursday I was thinking 
How good it would be, drinking 
& spending
Snake in it
Jack into the wall
TV amp on fire
Blowin' in the hall
Gun yr. sled
Close yr. peeping toms
Turbo organizer
Crankin' on the knob
The turbo goes to rocket put yr kiss in my hand
Sensate yr belly down
Bend down round this garbage can
Pow pound down dirty starfield road
A hot
Widowspeek but do not see the seer 
Forest trees souled an enemy comes through 
Dafeel compete with me yr absolete 
Oh yeah inliar or what 
"Why you runnin round harmin things? 
Gotta do time if you know what I mean
You look so cute in that dumfuck dress
Yr pretty head is such a fuckin
Wedi blino are yr hen ddrygioni
Wedi laru are yr hen ddrygioni
Nawr ma'er amser wedi dod I ddatganoli
Mae'n rhaid cael

Been a creep ever since you met him
It's time for revenge, girl, you're really gonna get him
Kill yr boyfriend (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Kill yr
Bow down to the queen of noise
Crayon eyes draw
Boys blood pour some of patti's wine
Blood is love inside
Auw! melting wax on yr arm
still together? 
Will she stay forever? 
(will she stay?... beside... 
Flashlight... Karen stay... etc.) 
A Love Supreme 
Karen, yr hanging
Well goodbye southern spy
I've come t' love you in th' lite
Always starin' in th' Void
Have yr etes all been destroyed

All these diggin' little
collect yr trustfund baby
And I'll be a whore
And we'll pretend we're just the same but
I know I KNOW I know I know that
I, I am hiding
The YOU I show
thing (?)
change it back and sing (?)

put it under yr tounge
and now unlight the sung
tranquilize esteem
I love you right away
to slowly
Tell me that yr burning for me
Tell me that you can't afford me
Time to tell yr dirty story
Time f'are turning over and over
Time f'are turning
Widow speak but do not see the seer for the
Forest trees souled an enemy comes through
Defeat compete with me yr obsolete

Oh yeah in liar
I remember when you first arrived
Magic marker on yr belly button all right (all right)
I read what you said you said drop dead oh no (oh no)
through the frost and rain
I make my home

Mi glydwais fod yr 'hedydd
Wedi marw ar y mynydd
Pe gwyddwn i mai gwir y geiriau
Awn a gyrr o wyr ac arfau
yr lonely love

Camera on the haunted stones
Bloodshed a gentle painted score
Notes dance in ink across yr skin
Hieroglyphic lover, nature friend
out tonight
The empty page

I always thought I'd see
Your name in flashing light
You did it all for free girl
And freely ripped the night
I got a catholic block
Inside my head
I let it go to work
Bring it all back home

It serves you right
And I can motor down
You got to earn yr
Gimme a little drink of yr sweet time
Is it the way you think?
Or just a pattern of yr glory
Is it just some story?
You wrote all for me
Do you think
touch me with
Yr bare hands
Whatever you do..........
I wanna burn baby burn
Baby black and blue
Burn it baby burn it baby
Burn with the truth
Ask you
horizon turned upside down
on yr way, don't turn around
all the way to always stay
thrown up hands
standing here my pocket full
i got my own way

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