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to that science lab
That mutated spider came down
Oh, and now Peter crawls over everyone's walls
And he's swingin' all over town

La li la, li de da
La la,
This world hangs by a slender thread, Trust
Wrapped up in a treacherous web, Trust
And one man pulls the string
Bring down the whole damn thing
hearing a
Word. Still it took me a year to hear a thing. Have
Patience as the combination waits to form one ounce of
Trust, and your faith the same. I
Weaving a web, of lies and deceit
It's a dangerous game, we play

All this time, the pain eating us away
All this time, the memories refuse
I'm in a web
I tasted blood in the garden
I'm in a maze, I'm in a maze
So they hung science in my heart
I`m in a web
"your phony ghosts went by"
this history
Trust won't come easily
I know it's hard to believe

Nobody meant you no harm
All the angry young men
All the lonely young girls
force your hand but my eyes are wide open.
Caught in the web of your self-serving plan.
Don't force my hand when my eyes are wide open.

Seeing is
So he dropped the webs of the spider of heaven down through the clouds,
All the way into the pool of blood at the bottom of hell
Far above in
Blood-stained avant-garde popstar
Peace doesn't underpush; exploit science, spacejam rockstar
Trust any reason to rise now
Don't let
Our father, who art here among us
In thy name sacred, and the physical humongous
Give us this day our daily gift
Of science to drop, and knowledge
yourself to others
Talk yourself to sleep
It's all so superficial
No use for you to weep (seven times)
So place your trust in science
For it has come so
link yourself to others
Talk yourself to sleep
It's all so superficial
No use for you to weep (seven times)

So place your trust in science
For it
Trance to ingest lava dust
Ease trust catalyst

Low release, a rise altered swoon
Spiral churn, then suffer some calm
It's like freedom, making some people jealous.
It's like a rope between you n' your fellows.
It's like a web, you're stuck. How could it be so that
Don't be frightened little one
I never meant to harm you
Trust me now come closer here
And taste my kiss of death

The black widow's web
Burned my crosses, made way for science
Christ will only cause death and violence
Burned my crosses and made way for myself
In mother Earth I trust
One by one they disappeared
The minds of science, the nation's leaders
To meet again at destination
Sweating in their seats, anticipation
and self-desire 
Your trust in god and in religious fire 

The end of reason and the end of science
The end of family, the end of violence 
Satanic verses
link yourself to others
Talk yourself to sleep
It's all so superficial
No use for you to weep (seven times)

So place your trust in science
For it
all came to light
Innocence was lost
How do you sleep at night?
Lost trust, turned to dust

Did not apply to you
An intricate web of lies
your every need
You won't feel so empty
In my web I'll bet your life
You're dead before you're thirty
Doctor can you help me please
I trust you like my
Distrust rules in Asgards heart
Farbautes son is spinning his web
With laughter, lies and malicious acts
Infecting our divine paradise

But we
He was on his way home from Candletop
Been two weeks gone and he thought he'd stop
At Web's and have him a drink for he went home to her
I choose
I become unsure

I can take up science
And study cells of the body
Learn to postpone death
Under the microscope
I made my own lab coat

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