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A fi we city yah now
Just a mek dem bwoy yah know
A fi we city yah now
RGJ like it's no tomorrow
Affi get di money hustlin hard
Whol a mi nigga dem
up, come again now
Can you play some more, can you play some more

Verse 3: 

Di whol dance a cry, di whol dance a cry
I say di whol dance a cry
like Tinny Entertainment I keep it 100
Really my nigga  I tell you I keep it 100
Whol up nigga  whol up  whol up whol up
Just gerrarrahere. Gerrarrahere
We happy and we alright
Come on
Affi live the star life
Affi live it
Affi live it
We happy and we alright
Nuh evil
Alright now alright now
Di whol a we
Acende Iogo whol , aperta logo iê , 

chega pra cá quero fazer muito amor com você . 

Acende logo Baby , aperta logo Baby ,

vou relaxar minha mente e me
You like my candy girl, want you my candy swearl , 
girl you're my whole world ( whol whol world)
Your love , your love ( yea ) 
Your love , your
Whol'heaper gyal no seh I love di puto
Yo killa boss why chop you cool tho
2020 make de money plenty
If ah nuh PJ mi driving de bentley
Fi de sexy gyal mi do it
Oh weyo, oh weyo, oh weyo
Oh weyo, oh weyo, oh weyo

Dre Skull
Everybody 'ave dem story
Whol' heap a pretty girl ina dem house weh sad and lonely
Popi step out
Same person whol' heap a pussy did doubt
Aha, ayy, Notnice!

A could a wha suh mek dem waan fi get me out? (woi!)
Wha suh mek dem waan
Run-runnin' up the paceness, and yeah
They say we never make it
Now your girl wanna taste it and yeah
Broke boys whol' of dem man a bad mind
runnin' wild
She's a little bit a full-grown woman, she's a little bit of a child
Don't know if I'm happy or sad
My music makes me whols
I'm a little bit
Dem waan know whey mi use an hol di man dem 
Bashment suppen 
Nuff gal waan know but mi naah tell dem 
Mad Dem, Well 


Whol heap a gal
whol' family! 
And I do mean hoe', you think I'm playin', son? 
I got my glock to your head, now where you gonna run? 
Before you diss my nigga Luke,
di Street
Nuff a dem pussybwoy whaan fi call Police pon wi
When we enter di place
Wi a kill di industry
Whol leap a friend from di past did Turn
ice mi nah nuh big fridge
Mek a change inna mi LIFE cause mi waan live Tyad fi poverty whol 
Mi dung like mi a hostage

Mek mi tell yu bout di ghetto
and plenty broads
Bottles of Petrus
Hate it coz I'ma let ya
So motherfuck you and your feelings
I need the whol thang I got chilluns
I need gold rings and 2
have a nigga
And not know he got a baby
Keep it at a
Fuck you
Pay me
Na vex if na rate me
Ya'll need to say confessions
Whol-a una fayva Satan
polymerase, slipping from da base
I been **** whol up, think they building case
Ain't no Bob da builder, got hella blueprints to syndicate
Prince of Persia
You know what I'm sayin
Dope crack whol- lotta gang, on lit
Whole lotta gang shit
(King Juzz on the beat hoe)

Had to go back in
Forms rising ribbon-stair binding us whol
of trust
I need somebody whol will listen to me
I need someone who is willing to receive
The road's not smooth, it's gonna be rough
Believe me when I say
it's not Hi-Tech then it's Actavis 
Vvs the carriages Broke nigga hilarious 

Yeaiii Yeaiii yeaiii Yeaiii

Whol 'notha level whole 'notha devil 
Cuz you got sumthin you can bare and baby twist me if you can
Take a ride play with it jus pull my trigger and shake with it
I’lll show you who’ls
don’t get took to the twelfth bro 
bring you back down to first grade 
like how did it felt whol 
and see I aint really even type to brag about it 

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