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This situational so sensational
Girl you look so great
Im yo bait
Im yo fate
Im yo date
You get laid
Dat Fellatio so vocational
Put you on a tab
I have to stand out from the rest 
Vocational noise puts myself to the test 

The music squeaks, squawks and drones on 
A magic feeling where
What makes you itch? What sort of a situation would you like?

Let's suppose, I do this often in vocational guidance of students, 
They come to me
start, 'cause I don't know, where to begin

Now high school is over
And I'm feeling burned out
I went to a vocational school
Feel like I shouldn't had
Vocational process who got next
Throw that long neck lockness you a hot mess
You pop corn I pop fresh
Who want test!
Simple minded rhyming ain't designed
Jordan in the 90s 
Man I just can't quit
My flow is
Impeccable, sensational
School of the vocational
Got it out the mud
Ground up, inspirational
a vocational priest
He thought about being a baker making bread out of yeast,
And bread out of dough
What if it’s something deeper than that?
A representation in
the doors (The door)
For real, it's sensational (Woah)
Started from the bottom, I'm vocational (Yeah, yeah)
3-for-3 money, I can pay the roll
Is it hate or is
bitch, like i cant stand a lil moody bitch 
Lay down get ya pootie ate, schedule it like a dinner date toss u up view a new locay
My vocational skills past
an overstretch 
And it takes a vocational solving

It's like a walk in space with no gravity 
The third man is always in the middle trust me

In the middle between
As a full-time occupation
Like I have with him and her
Vocational testing said
Consider becoming a doctor
A clown, or a pre-school teacher
Or all of the above
Twisted thumb carpal tunnel 
Swirling hope done the funnel 
Let my boat sink this time 
Let my hull groan and grind 
Last voyage off this vocational coil
vocational school
Hope it's taking me to where I want to go with my life
Although sorrows and strive
Feel like you're gettin poked with a knife
I grow when I
Adding additional, only vocational
Super traditional, I get it criminal
I am original, living millennial
Back to the lab I'm on my shit
423 it's
to gravitational, a sho’ nuff way beyond what is vocational.
Trajectory through a virginal space, certainly centered in centrifugal haste.
Kaleidoscope of these
Or learn vocational
I change it all speak in ways
They no I'm one of one
I wanna y'all ain't no fame in me
Im humble dawg ain't checking score
Don't need no

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