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hit Onyx, she hit Magic on Monday
G5, V-Live, she live and makin' money
I need a baby with some money, big diamonds and ridin' foreigns
Gucci purse,
Out in Vlive still talkin' like she know me
New Toronto nigga that finesse like Ginobili
Dancin', dancin'
Touch it with no hands
She get bands,
I text her an eggplant emoji, yeah
I pull out my phone how we rollin', yeah
I turn her suite into V-Live, yeah
Jump off of the porch and I deep
a Porsche, it came with a 'Tek
You keep the bitch, I want the neck

Watch how I hop on that G5
Throw a hunnid racks on at VLive
These are Dior, not no
Yeah, oh yeah
Straight up
Bagg check me out
Look, let's go

Got a bitch in V-Live, she got super powers (super powers, yeah)
Goin' big on a bitch, on her boyfriend, had to get the G5 (yeah)
Twenty thou' on the that G5 (woo)
Thirty thousand on that VLive (woo, woo, wee)
I'm through, I just did a deuce
Your boo, with me too, she loose
I flew, like I'm sick, G5
You, won't shake shit, V-Live
I get them racks to come
will take shots at you, yeah
Niggas think they can come take what I got, let's be logical, yeah
V-Live, I order that Alfredo pasta
Then eat in
She'll be back, yeah, she'll be back
Alvita (She back)

Uh, I got my feet up, my feet up
Thick bitch, met her at V-Live, V-Live
spitting your rhymes
I keep the baddest, the spanish, the fatest up in VLIVE
I keep a lot of felines but more money on my mind

If she tell you somethin'
up to V-Live (21)
And we had them sticks outside (21)
Drinkin' on lean, I'm tired (on God)
Y'all niggas can't join my live (on God)
I ain't givin'
This is
This go out to Angels, Starlets, King of Diamonds, VLive
Girl Collection, G5ive, you know, strip clubs world wide

Ho pick it up, pick it
certificate (uh)
Where your money, lil' nigga?
Wearin' ten chains don't make your diamonds bigger (yup)
Look at my ring, that's a 80
Fuck a Vlive when I'm
Signed with QC and started actin' funny
Changed my number five times since you've had it, dummy
I'm outside, it's V-Live, come and press it,
at V-Live
I'll be sippin' D'Usse 'til I dizz-ie
Actin' like he care, he just don't drizz-ive
I be tryna numb the pain, I be so hizz-igh (oh)
Fuck it, you
got them racks on me right now
We in VLive right now
I got them racks on me right now, yeah
Park, uh uh uh, front door
Park the Benz at the front
some flicks
He like, "Damn, I think I know the nigga" He cool with his bitch
We at V-Live, but we went to Structure, but we played a lot
Got a goofy
'til you showin'
I got a lil' hoe at V-Live
She got her butt tatted on each side
I like her, she a boss and she don't D ride
And I wear the pants,
if I tip her
I fell in love with a stripper
I'm at V-Live, I can't deny
If she bad, I'ma hit her
She say her brother the plug
I worked me a jugg
Friday its V-Live in Dallas
Thinking we ball for the Mavericks
We got dem bitches like pageants
10 racks in the air, don't panic
Balmain, Balenci,
I can't diss ya eye to eye cause I'm 6'5 
We been puttin' money in it like it's V-Live 
I know suckas on yo side they gone never ride 
Fact I'm
pockets on [?] (Crip)
Hit the club, throw 30 racks at V-Live (Crip)
Then I get up with my Loc with the three-five (Crip)
Fat blunt, I don't buy
in V-live watching all the shawtys bounce
I feel like Oprah Winfrey with 10 G's, no flexin'
Pimp C's Rolex shining on these hoes heads
I feel like
the coattail (ride the coattail)
V-live, we live, she drive the boat well (drive the boat well)
Told her meet me at the pad, not the hotel
Showed up in

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