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This one is freaky
This one is for the club
This one is sexy
Tamia, that's what's up
(Where you at?)

On my way
You know it's a party
In my
never sleep

Ya girl is holding traffic to give me a kiss
Yo girl is waiting outside to ask for a cigarette
A woman like tamia thats a stealer listen im
somethin' that you'll never forget

1 - [Tamia, Missy]
I can't go for that, no no, no can do
I can't go for that, no no, no can do
I can't go for that, no no,
Spanish Harlem, with Tamia
Had a thing for her sister named Tia
Said she never fell in love, don't believe her
Pretty face hairstyle like Aaliyah
a place to play (place to play)
Take some time and just get away
Let's just call this Tamia day
No runnin' errands today
Don't need no money, you're
gone' rock until the death put you in my will
You ain't no Aliyah or Tamia you a Millie
We gone' have this life flyin' from LA to Philly
I said I'll sleep
Yeah, yeah
Thinking bout it, thinking bout it
Yeah yeah!
You know I can't wait
No I can't wait (I can't!)

Thinking bout Tamia
She know I
I'm So Into You like Tamia boy I'm fabulous
Get so weak in the kneeS W-V 
No more shackles 
Cant put my faith in you 
In God I trust green pastures
I know they listening like since when Tamia start thuggin' (Ha)
But this ain't Tamia this RG and I'm steady clutching (Yup)
That's a AK with a drum
d'être un gars bien
J'suis entre Luxembourg city et Colonel Fabien (Lux')
Faire du sale, ça m'va bien, ça calme mes nerfs comme la tamia
Faire du sale,
across the fucking street
Phife Dawg, swinging it back and forth just like Aaliyah
Making moves on your heart like that trick Tamia
No doubt about it, I
and Tamia 
Soul Food with the cornbread, greens and head (Hah) 
I'm off-ramp while y'all camp under a street lamp (Huh) 
I got a stamp from back then,
Keisha, Pam, Tina and Stace
Mary, Kay, Elena and Faith
Sheena from eighth, Talia, Tamia
Shia, Tia, Juanita, Rasheeda
Beth, Tisha, Ruby, Judy
Oh, fuck
hatin', my imagination's just more advanced
So when you wanna dance, I'mma make you dance
Tamia, I see ya, I'm still waiting
You make me wanna, leave
I loved you
I loved you
I loved you
I loved you
I loved you
I loved you
how did I, how did I go through
If anyone asks me how did I make it
If anyone asks me how did I go through
If anyone asks me, Tamia, how did you do
Heard he talking shit up on the gram 
Call up my nigga ju If we throwing hands 
3 piece 4 piece 6 piece 
I don't tolerate that sneak diss 
Call up Tamia
Girl you so different
Girl you so different
All these girls mean none
Girl, it's only you
Fuckin' wit' you to Tamia
I'm so into you
Tongue game got
Fuck all of yo friends
But tell keisha and tamia I ain't fucking with em 
They ain't want us together right through this distance
They was filling you
no Chile
Couldn't be me
You need to let that nigga be
That shit is just not gone work
It just never do
Like it just never fucking do
And Tamia
Did you
ever have a baby l will call her tamia
This ain't about the money then l guess it's real love
And l'm proud to be your man
Can tell that to your friends
on all hope is lost
You can try but your never gonna get me
It was Ashley, Tamia, Lisa, Kim, and Joe
I'm not the kind of girl that can be fucked with
Nieces is great
Nephews is better
The family together
Can't divide up the circle
Can't step with the steppers
Tamia and Ziaire keep going
Don't let up
bite bait
Death put me in a different state
Putting my life behind kari and tamia huh
Don't fuck up the game plan or you dead mate
Made a chess bet check

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