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Metro Boomin' want some more, nigga (yeah, yeah, yeah, hey)

I'm T'd up (damn, ayy)
I didn't see no speedbump (stop
she say

So tell 'em, "Shut the fuck up!" Tell 'em, "Shut the fuck up!"
Yeah, bitch, you boo-boo, you T'd, you turnt down, you thirsty

Tell 'em,
Bitch I'm T'd up
I think I drank three much
I been mixin' wit' it too
Couple women comin' through
They gon' wanna' T up wit' me too

Bitch I'm
about them, I be T'd

I be T'd from my fee, to my jeans, to my wrist
From the bling on my rep to the bling in my ear
And the bling on my neck, try'na
Long live Ronnie B, long live TD
The streets so dirty
I told my mama don't worry 'bout me 'cause she so worried

They killed my hitter, they

Now to the beat just jump on da dick
[Khia] Don't eat,sucka suck on da clit 
[TD] That's right just jump on da dick 

[Khia] all
and M on a bad bitch, I'm T'd up (T'd up)
Put them broke hoes in the past, we don't need 'em
Confidential to the blogs, don't you feed 'em (let's go)
you feel)
(See, just because I preach and teach)
(Don't mean I don't get scared sometimes)
Yea, whatever, but you T.D. Jakes (Well, then I don't make
lookin' like KD and Kyrie (I am)
My TD Bank is on what? (What?)
My TD Bank is on Kylie (ayy, ayy)
Tribeca in the lobby, all these niggas gettin' dodgy
(12Hunna on the beat)
Young Jefe Holmes


If that's your nigga, then he ridin' TD, yeah
No snitchin' 'but you know that nine times outta
she hiccup
Had T.D. Jakes round this bitch doing stick-ups
Rhymes so real, thought I wrote it in Pac blood
Told me in my dreams that these niggas is
I touch down she show her TD's then look like she gon' hike it
Young fly kid, and I come from the boondocks
But I'm on top the game like I'm
Broken down, she want the best of me
Guess we'll see

TD for TD striped up like Steelers
Hear most the cheers from your boos in the bleachers
stuff back
Like a rebate
No de-bate
I love my Master
He's the Potter
And I'm the plaster
I'm in the Potter's House
Like TD
Now I'm gonna rush the ball in
stuff back
Like a rebate
No de-bate
I love my Master
He's the Potter
And I'm the plaster
I'm in the Potter's House
Like TD
Now I'm gonna rush the ball in
td>If your heart is filled with love or hate
Find yourself a way to reach out for
Testing your life, easing to get it
Find yourself
T o double p d o double g
Hell ya go go go
Yeah girl You the one that
matches funky little bass
넌 오아시스
Hell ya Topp dogg
in the building
It\'s TD
I'm not... still searching 
Turn my swag on, now I'm Stephon 
Who's Urkel 
Walker Home, after I see TD's 
Young Hershall 
Made her feel worthless,
Standing on the seashore, lookin' at the city
See the street light, dog bite, go lady on the TD8
The wax museum and nobody gets to see themselves
Gonna mulch it deep and low
Gonna make it fertile ground

Slug by slug, weed by weed
Boy this garden's got me t'd
All the insects come to feed
On my
Mama a nyaam Fish an Mutton..Ehhhh 
Ova dehso mek mi tell unnu some'in... 
Tru mi dey a foreign now a guy kill me cousin 
An mi here sey TD deh dey
on T.D. 

Try to creep me (what) 

Make that nigga sleepy 

Learn respect for you 

That's yo' kids daddy 

I ain't gon' send him on his way
sweatin' like T.D. Jakes
I want the ones nigga, you non-believers you can ask your Momma
Now that's drama

Uh, dollar icey from, papi with the scraper,
of a nigga's swag?
When every bird I got fronted, I broke it in half? (M'-M'-M')
Every Sunday on my phone, watching TD Jakes
Readin' scriptures to my soul

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