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use presence to stay aligned
As I sip Syrah from Apsara
But stay aware vipassana
See I drink and I know things
Living life with ease like I’m floating
Or an Almond Hill Syrah...
To take the edge off my day
When all the good stuff's gone, and white wine just won't do
You've got the out-of Red wine blues


desencontrados demais...

Vinho do porto,

Malbec, Carménère,

Syrah, Chardonay,

Cabernet Sauvignon,

Pinot Noir,

Tannat, Tempranillo

e uma taça
when I thought I had everything, I lost it all
So que sera, get a case of Syrah
Let it chase the pain, before it goes too far

My dreams is big,
reminiscent of a glass of wine
Blissful twist French kiss of Syrah
Renown to be refine more than Pinot Noir
Girl you're a star, feel you with the beat of my
Mañana no lo se
Veré como creo mi destino
Y no puedo enfocar
No se si es la palma o la syrah
Tampoco si se fue si esta o si algun dia será
on the chest
Yuh yuh
Ashton on the mic
Syrah on the tech
Yuh yuh

You runnin
That's the second time
We blastin out wit 45s
I got ya ass now I'm inclined
To take
Gracias por escuchar
Esto es Syrah
Un saludo muy especial al Doctor Grinberg
Y espero que lo disfrutes

Soy Javier Noscram pal que escucha sin nada
Soy como un syrah en tu futura velada
Yo soy como Drogba después de 5 jugadas
Que somos buenos cabros para
Take me to the art gallery, yes, I'll have syrah
With all the cosmopolitan hipsters who ooh-la-la
If I paint my nails black, it's no broken law, no
escucha lo que sientas que suena mejor

El propósito de Syrah
Continua siendo la búsqueda de un conocimiento inefable
Que solo puede partir de la
Onde nunca chegou e nem se quer imaginar
Seu  perfume na minha roupa esta e é o que me faz inspirar
Separe duas taças e o Fox Brook Syrah

Porque ta
call me a cab
I was in love with a scab
Erase it all with a bath
He said "syrah" and you, "shiraz"
Long-hair shorthand
A noite está tão linda, tu estás tão linda
Portei Laddal de syrah, veio da vinícola
Suporto essa pressão
São as lágrimas que movem os moinhos

been feeding you, Barboy,
But this here’s the real blood of Christ!

Yeah, well, forgetting to decant the Syrah 
Was your biggest “faut pas”…
But, I can
Fractured system
I just want you to die for me and detach from me
Severed all the way
All of my wounds arrange to be
The depth of me

So long Syrah
tem Syrah com trincadeira
Eu penso enquanto a cama vai batendo na mesa da cabeceira

O que é que tu sentes?
Toda a hora 'tá a morder os dentes,
Né d'une âpre syrah, d'un peu de carignan 
D'une terre solaire, des mains d'un paysan 
C'est avec ce vin-là qu'on dit qu'Ulysse a mis 
Le cyclope

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