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Eighty thousand thoughts a day
Just to net a decent eight bar
Definitely in my own way
Rogue wave, oh well 
Squared up with myself
A nigga finna
Ooh, aye
Ooh, aye
Yeah, yeah
It’s Presi, yuh
Blow-Up, Blow-Up
No time to slow up, slow up
We only show up, show up
If we gon’ go up, go up
who abused ya
Take a breath slow it down
Taking steps can't stop me now
In the clinch coming for the crown
Catching a wave they can't hold me down
makin' waves on my sail
Soon as I went rogue, a nigga set the tone

Was eatin' sweet off the celly, crabs and lobster was the medley
Bout to hit the spizz,
Captain of the ship it's the maiden voyage
Cutting through the ocean. Big waves are forming
Keep a steady motion. Gotta stay performing

Why I gotta


Rogue Star Music
CTP and Laica


I like the way you, back that ass on me.
Go bae. Those waves bae. Those waves bae.

the city
Gush through the streets until I am the tsunami
Rogue waves and LA rivers run through my blood
In slow motion
Stare at the approaching
Know where we headed
There's no time for us to slow up 
Hit my brother Los
He said its time for us to load up (load up)
We always move in silence 
On the prowess 
Who stays honest 
And working as a titan 
Fly as the sky 
And enlightened 
Peep the hurt 
Through my iris 
Optical illusions
Call me delusional
Black Mafiosi, rogue vigilante
The shit is sad but it get me real trigger happy (ha!)
So keep talkin' that ho shit
And I'mma part your 360 waves like
the way I shine don't need an optical lens
Make my money stretch look at how the Benjis extend
I'm a trailblazer you just be following all the trends
in a city of Spartans never moving slow
Everyday I flow catch me kicking a commit
No matter what they say we have nothing in common
Wrap you round
Good for you
I been overcoming these obstacles
Flow is tropical I'm starting heat waves
Line of sight like a heat ray, I put the beat in the hospital
bleed IO
Appetite still feeling light
Smoke Charlamagne with a slow EO
Sub-optical, Biological
Split these bands like a particle
Don't give a fuck about
Yeah, I rap fast, supercalifragilistic
Bad bitches hang with me cause we mad gifted
Fuck that I rap slow
So I can emphasize the flow like Ab-Soul
showing it's endless magnitude. 
Finally, the world begins to slow... then stops.  I look closely at each grain of sand, searching for meaning.  They all
Yo Cycle of Rap get some talent wave the gun around
He's the one underground his beginning and end
Reason I rap slow is only simply to maintain this
in Rogue Encampment
Can't explain the way my mind can go so slow or fast it's rampant
Or, maybe I can, damn I think I'm Daniel Kahneman
Got at least 8
That's right float right above the fire
Not moving fast
Always sailing slow, oh oh

I feel my brain and the waves start flowin'
Rogue waves come like
from the
Waves thats roaming the sky its seen from afar
Hidden mines in the heart of my repertoire
Pole vaulting every time they setting the bar
I been
slow day
This is how I row into the rogue wave, yo
Quests uncompleted
In the 
New bloomed spring they
Your suffering soon

That slow night
In February
No storms were 
On the radar
One rogue
123 keep an eye on me
If I’m feeling a wave would you ride for me
Can’t slide for me N i rhyme on heat 
Who produced the beat it’s breezy

Top up off
the vibe
The Quest will provide
Take a ride with the brothers rogue
Yo body got to move real slow
Today is a blessed day
There ain't no stress staying here

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