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little slasher
Fuck the father's sweetheart, bloody creature poster girl

Baby, you can keep your diamonds
You can burn all your fancy things
I hunger for
swallowing souls like a chainsaw cutting through bone
I like the way it bleeds

It bleeds 
bleeds x3

Slashers, Monsters, Torture 
Embrace the Horror in you
me for 10,000 yen

It's like a bad dream, something from the back of a magazine
Black and white and cheaply put together like a slasher film
meet an early grave 

We're going back to the golden age of slashers 
Getting rid of all party bashers 
And if you're one of us then you know why 
blood is turning my blue eyes red
Get your hands off my tomato
Cherry juice on a rotten potato
Subway slasher's on my ass
Steals my money and smokes
Turn on the VCR , Rewind the tape
Grab a brew and hit the lights , Yeah its slasher movie night


Let the knives and razors cut , watch

Sang for the Slashers you told Hermosa Beach
So you used to be a surfer in Huntington Beach
You're a liar if you follow all trends
Get out
the morning drinking his coffee
Turns on the TV to some slasher movie
Cartoon-like women, tied up and sweaty
Painting and screaming, thank you, have a nice
the airwaves, catch this rap page
I glide like, hovercrafts on the Everglades
Boom master, with the faster blade, track slasher
Manufacture poems
Get your head piece fractured, with killer cuts
From the Shropshire Slasher, rip shit up
Got this whole thing Tang mastered, sho nuff
An MC too good
even real

Yeah, go 'n roll up some of that killa
We call this slasher smoking
Gone off those Michael Myers
I can barely keep my lashes open
Let us milk this cow  the best way we know how 
Park Hill projects  chicka POW 
One culture  return of the track slasher 
Double doser  Cappadonna
1 - Drunken Master, styles causin' street disaster 
Blaze cut faster than a fairy slasher 
Tai-chi, Kung Fu fighting, ODB hands quick as lightenin'
1 - Drunken Master, styles causin' street disaster 
Blaze cut faster than a fairy slasher 
Tai-chi, Kung Fu fighting, ODB hands quick as lightenin'
straight from the dark I'ma shark, I'ma rip your shit like a slasher scene

Yeah, gimmie the racket for the brain
Gimmie the funky shit to make the people go
woah, woah
In her pussy, she gon scream, like the Slasher movie, huh
You should have Charlie Sheen, you fuck dirty groupies, huh
And bruh, I want your
bleed in my eye
You bleed in my eye
White track

Grass sliding, slasher
Brain dead fucker
Rips of himself and steals from his brother
Loathed by
Guess he didn't know I spill them bastards
Who say another killer's better I kill them slashers
I peel them actors, I'm real grim faster
Original mask
Ku-Ku clappers from a Soo Woo chapter
Too many hate it when I do it, should I nuke you bastards
Or, should I go and get a motor count, Dooku slasher
Ska-da ska-do-do-do with the revolver
Guns hangin' slangin', Billy The Kid
Hash slinging slasher posted in the mist
Gold on my wrist and my dick in my
lowered the rap bars, replaced with this whack
I'm sharp like the slasher that stab ya, hittin ya face with the dagger
Still I be faced with the task
really will damage your ego
When the beat go, nigga finito
Finna meet yo G-O-D though
Gasser, the master, you met up it with a slasher
The massacre's
the old house smasher
The big bad wolf, the little piggy slasher.

Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.
Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin!
Little Pig,
pull it, a bullet flys in
G's a madman, came from the Badlands
Crush niggas in my bare hands like beer cans
Leaving a gash like the New York Slasher

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