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diamond skippers
The pleasure of rope rippers

Those dark and lovely skippers
Those five town diamond skippers
Skip they do's the double Dutch
The storm is rumbling
Darkness descending
The gales are sweeping
The waves threatening
Horizon is grim
Tempest arriving

Hey skipper, look
Skipper Dan is the name
And I'm doing 34 shows every day
And every time it's the same

Look at those hippos, they're wiggling their ears
Just like
a mighty sailing man, the skipper brave and sure
Five passengers set sail that day, on a three-hour tour
A three-hour tour

The weather started getting
tax niggas rhyme different from cats
Specialize in mic rippers, splashes
We the last skippers, big rocks and the block will stick

Beefsteak Charlie
Dave, are you a skipper?
Are you a tripper?
Do you need a bag?
Dave, are you a skipper?
Are you a tripper?
Can you feel the drag?
Dave, are you
loved that Gilligan's Isle thing"

Isle thing
She'd watch that Gilligan's Isle thing
Please, baby, baby, please

Skipper's in a hammock
you're six months out

Blow, ye winds, o' mornin', blow, ye winds, hi ho
Haul away your runnin' gear and blow, boys, blow

The skipper's on the after deck
That little ol' kid will always wonder what happened to her dog
But she'll find out on Judgement Day when she sees the big Skipper's log
We'll all walk
Way out on the ocean
Far beyond the seven seas
There's a tiny little boat
Faith is keeping her afloat
And a tiny little skipper with his worn
a hooker to the crib, you know she got to strip
Stay dip, take out of state trips
Don't drink a lot of Hennessy, I only take a sip
I'm a skipper, like
And the skipper's below making tea for the crew

Lock me up in me oilskins and jumper
No more on the docks I'll be seen
Just tell me old shipmates I'm
Way out on the ocean
Far beyond the seven seas
There's a tiny little boat
Faith is keeping her afloat
And a tiny little skipper with his worn

'Cause there ain't no ocean 'round here
Though a lotta little lakes where you could disappear
I wonder what the fish are bitin' on today, Jimmy
talkin' about (pow!)
Keep talkin' out the side of your mouth (pow!)

Since I hit the TV now I'm a hot topic
But that don't mean Skipper won't pop it
to the beginnin, then won't stop
The Chinese Son of Sam, the Skipper's Peter Pan
The rootinest tootinest cowboy in the East
Releasin, a new type of lyrical lingo
And he breaks into the Professor's lab and makes some LSD
Peaks freaks and eats the Skipper's brains then beats Ginger with coconuts

As Mr. Howell
Walk knots with electric ninjas who bark bounce with punked out whip 
Like my company Delorean’s the s*** 

Skipper’s out of happy pills again, he’s
to port, their cargo was stacked
But three hours later he's caught in the act
Acquainting himself with the skipper's own wife
This fool was lucky to leave
Skipper's in the wardroom drinking gin, (Hey -oh, chicken on a raft) 
I don't mind knocking but I ain't going in, (Hey -oh, chicken on a raft)
Oh~I'm just a tripper 夢の中
It's feeling better それが問題だ
Oh~I'm just a skipper 風の中
街角のStage 歌っているよ
It's feeling better それが原因だ
Oh baby you じゃあ今時
from now on
I'll be the skipper and we'll have a little crew
She and I and kisses and oh yes Mr Moon
There's a gonna be smooth sailin'...
you die

One day when I grew older
And I found I could not hold her
She took on a fine young skipper
Who soon run her up on a boulder
Singin' why
of hell itself
For the taste of a mermaid's tail
Who come from long lines of skippers
Whose duty was fulfilled
In the words of a warrior's will

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