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A Mind for the Scenery (Tim Jensen) · Change of Scenery (The Seldom Scene) · Change of Scenery/Have You Forgotten (Ethel Ennis) · Scenery and Fish (I Mother Earth) · I Blame the Scenery (Reubens Accomplice)

in my room
In my brand new costume

Call it scenery
Call it hell
Try its beauty
Call it hell

Call it scenery
Call it hell
Try its beauty (I
Delivery made this morning
Our clothes are hung to dry
We're visiting the selling's
On the shore of the puget sound
The scenery gets a hold
an underwater Ferris wheel
Where I found the missing link to this island chain 

Home will always be here on scenery's side?
Where I disappear and hide 
important to you
I thought that faces were a poster
Natural things, scenery
You showed me your kind of madness

Soft sounds, slip out silently
important to you
I thought that faces were a poster
Natural things, scenery
You showed me your kind of madness
Soft sounds, slip out silently
to push on through the night

 Driving faster
 Driving past the scenery
 On pretty view and
 Feel the speed and
 I don't dream of
 Driving slow some
Drape yourself in greenery
Become part of the scenery
Ever since time immemorial
It's all stored up in chemicals
Witness the demolition of boy in
if the world were to shatter
Is it the world you believe in

You crawl to the ends of the earth
As the scenery's caving in
On knees burnt by gravel
Don't forget which way you go
I could be the one to show you that
Life is more than scenery
Won't you please, you please, a place for me

a chocolate in my arms
If you had ever seen it better
It never did the scenery no harm
Never did the scenery no harm
You need a change of scenery that's all I ever heard
And when you left and you said goodbye I never said a word
You're back but I don't want you back
In a mountain greenery
Where God paints the scenery
Just two crazy people together
While you love your lover
Let blue skies be your coverlet
no hari wo
itami no bun dake

aa, okashi na kimi to no hibi wo
afureru kurai
This scenery is evergreen
midori no ha
Lately I just can't seem to believe 
Discard my friends to change the scenery 
It meant the world to hold a bruising faith 
But now it's just a matter
Scenery freeze
Spins out
Exposure inside the head
Ties in the image

Sympathized sound
Deep inside the ear
Resonance inside
the mountains and oh what scenery
The prettiest girls I ever did see

There's such beauty there in the mountains
You can feel your knees growin' weak
When scenery is taken

These lights are gone
My ears hear no sound
Folding between the skin and bone

Between the skin and bone

We will hear
I take my seat as the scenery flickers on
An exercise tape for the waking dawn
First go the trees changing grey to green behind the wires
And then
there’s this history left to tell you
Hi Lisboa

A paradise besides the sea
beauty, to the absence of painting all of your
Oho, Lisboa, Lisboa
of affection
Gentle deadfall
All is honeytrap
Now, dive into
the hill of repose
The scenery which you wish for
In the other side of this dream
To the world where
the crowd, 
No shadow of a doubt 
It's all over now, 
No shadow of a doubt.
You changed the dream.  
You changed the scenery, 
the tender touch, the urge
am free but life is so cheap
Scenery is still outside of me
All alone trapped by its beauty
Shayla turned to run away to leave in peace and end her
future, your face to caught my eyes

Don’t stop, stop the rebel
You can’t stop, ambiguity on time
Lost the scenery, everybody’s dead
Don’t stop, stop
And now you deserve
The voltage was the best thing
That I ever knew

Reaches out
Out of scenery
Chew the scenery

Well I know the tide
watch the whole scenery
The solar child touches the process
For a moment her sun is shining bright again
It's good to see that only through my tribes