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Essential Scud Mountain Boys (Scud Mountain Boys)

Dvbbs, we mash up di dance and
Clubs, for the pretty gals dem and the
Thugs, lights up the buds
Badman a set off the herbalistical scuds

High like
my nerve 
I made it swerve 
I made it back - was no big deal 
I tasted blood 
A date with scud 
And now I don't know how to feel 

I got bulldog
useless, in the end you will be
Crushed by the endless wrath of Vassago

Fear the evil, crawl in the mud
You will end up crushed by a scud
Wake up and see
I made it swerve 
I made it back - was no big deal 
I tasted blood 
A date with scud 
And now I don't know how to feel 

I got bulldog skin
the honky tonk blues
Well Lord I got 'em I got the honky tonk blues
[ guitar ]
I'm gonna slap my boogie underneath my arm
Scud right back in my pappy's
Show me a scud
And that's about all I can get from TV
And there's still this feeling sticking with me

If this ain't by the book then the book must be
the smell is making me sick
As we sit on our roofs
And cheer as your scuds fall like rain
Here at the ancient ziggaraunt Saddam is presiding there
summer sands to Armageddon's reach

Overlord, your master not your god
The enemy coast dawning Grey with scud
These wretched souls puking, shaking fear
I've got spies
We stopped and correlated
Everything was overrated
Scuds and Patriots descending 
No more times for happy endings
Open up your eyes
to Mars
Honey bee, let's fly to Mars

Scud missiles, Asian flu
The easily offended
We are the undefended
We are the undefended

Won't somebody touch us?
the paper
Maybe it's victory
Maybe it's history
Maybe it's you

The scuds drop down like butterflies
They're loved and round and very wise
They're just
I look good in a glass pack
I look good and mean
I look good in metallic sick wraparound blackout tease
I scud along the horizon, I drink some
l'égotrip', vas-y tripes, t'es servi
Fais pas c'rap t'es mon srab', ici c'est la Serbie

Mon rap un scud, bien bonhomme est l'attitude
Moi j'viens du Sud,
Everyone has patriots, but all I have are scuds
Help me please

My carphone's on the pill, and my girfriend's got call waiting
Satan's in the bagels
to hate it all, no love? (Full-fueled flight on US Air)
Just wait and watch out for the scuds (Nine-eleven, I was there)
Hut, two, three, four! - No War!
the scud
'cause oil is thicker than blood in the world of blowback
From ally to madman from client to badman
From Gommorah to Sadaam Starring in
Step in the mud with less than a scud I'm splittin' your rug
It's just I'm in love with Mrs. Martinez
Latin Goddess or Venus, you just happen to give
ain't crossin' over
Oops ! scud scrub patriot makes pulver
The music hits, fierce as it is
Check the brothers in the crowd that 'hiss'
Good grief
addition the shit we wreck
Firework flow, spit and make a big effect
Bang it in the truck until ya whole shit eject, c'mon
Stop nigga, close ya shop
I've landed in blood
Psycho bandit, I've become a frightful damage and scud
Missile you Mitchells are misinformed and mixed in the middle of my menace
The media-War
The one I Fear

Look out!
There go the scuds!

All I see is trouble,
Everywhere I look, yeah
Feels like I make it double,
But there's
the wicked shit soundin so official 
Little whistles sign with the blast of my SCUD missile 
Pass the peas international paper stackin G's 
Overseas please
to the bone gristle
 Ill speaking Scud missile heat seeking
 Johnny Blazing, nightmares like Wes Craven
 Niggaz gunnin, my third eye seen it coming
Fuck dunn you only bust blood 
Caught inside the scud-missile grip like tissue 
Now I'm laid up inside the hospital 
Bobby Digital's on critical
so you, skanless scuds gets none of my funds
'cause I can't be in love with my pockets on fee
Get the money, the power and the rest come for free,

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