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So unkind
Saga, saga
Let me be fair
Saga, saga
What's your point?
It's a cruel doom
You cut me up like a razor, razor

You're just limiting
((Instrumental - Lead in to Ynglinga Saga (To Odin We Call)))
1000 years ago a Viking ship
Left Norway in the spring

Tiden er kommet
Tiden vil vise
The saga of Vinland
A saga of Norsemen

The new world
keeps me sane to embrace our will 
And go against inhumanity

My saga, my saga, battle in the fields of fear 
Attack defend, it's never over 
Yo soy un Julián Chiví
Que trabaja la flor de canela
Tú eres un Madame Sagá
Que trinando llena mi alma entera

No juzgues mi condición
og raun
Reyni ao brjotast inn
Reyni ao bora a, og saga hengilasinn

En allt kemur fyrir ekki neitt
Kominn i niourlot
Veit ekki hvao plan skal
Indivisible sum
Here's the book now the saga's begun
He wonders if he's the one
(You're the one)
You're the one.

Cold in the cell lost and shivering
Reality died
With the setting sun
Chilling winds are breathing
In the trees

Voices whisper
The saga lives on
Imagination decides
Standing with a sign
Oppression, depression
Frustration the wait
Is too long on the line

The saga continues
Nothings changed
Instead of getting
on the calling winds
Where the cold waves and the longboats brought us far
The saga of the warriors from Northland
Speaks of greatness and strength
The saga
can't do it again)
It's over dog!
(All we know is how to win)
Know what I mean?
(The saga must continue, oh)
Ha-ha! Jagged Edge man!
(Can't stop

Sometimes I see myself
Through the eyes of a stray dog
From an alley across the street
And my whole mission just seems so finite
My whole saga just
[Puff Daddy]
Here we go one more time,
For all you ballers and ballette's out there,
The saga continues,
We took a little break,
But we
[Puff Daddy]
Here we go one more time,
For all you ballers and ballette's out there,
The saga continues,
We took a little break,
But we
Here we go one more time
For all you ballers and ballette's out there
The saga continues
We took a little break
But we back now
It's our
the blistered broken land

Here flew long streams of freezing water
In a saga it lived once
Descended to the brinks that tower to the sky
Sound my cry
Hur kan do säga nej till en natt med mig?

Jag kan ge dig min hand
Åh, mitt hjärta står I brand
Åh, Camilla
Hur kan do säga nej till en natt
Hummer und 'n Steak
Lunge oder Mädchen
Merk dir, da wo Lebensräume wachsen
Ist auch meistens auch der Ort, wo Lebensträume platzen

La Saga Saga, hey,
svårt att höra vad du säger
Vad är det du egentligen vill säga?

Sekelskiftesvillan gapar tom
Man skymtar fönstren bakom röda löv
Och jag minns din
Attention a cheu

Saga Africa
Ambiance de la brousse
Saga Africa
Attention les secousses

Direction quartier
Pour danser poulet braisé
"Ghetto Music"
(here we go)

[Repeat: x5]
"And my name is Rakim"

Yo, the saga begins, my eyes is the photography lens
Properly push
Through crimson horizons bursting with the glory of dusk
To where proud swords are raised high to the sky...
Now let eternity's saga unfold..."
A presence can be felt by those who have followed the epic saga as told by thy
Insane Clown Posse. It is a presence that is synonymous with thy crumbling
Graphite to paper
A saga-born, hand-drawn artisan dreamer
Graphite to paper
A saga-born and hand drawn artisan dreamer
Miyazaki frontier
fylld av blod
Jag bet min tunga när du log

Allt jag ville säga
glömde jag ikväll
Allt jag ville vara behöll jag 
alltid för mig själv...

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