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I thought you knew that all of those songs I wrote were about you
Star crossed and sold somehow our harmonies went out of tune
This time the raven
to keep your turd at sea,
Remember the raven,
Remember the raven.

While your busy trying to weigh your power,
Your boat's getting into fast water.
All engines must fail sometimes
People must fail sometimes
Machines will break on somedays
Everyone breaks up somedays

Disappear like ravens
(Never more never more) never more quote the Raven never more
Nothing hurts as strong as knowing you've done wrong
And not a thing will make it right
Fly Raven, fly
Across the sky

All father Odin! Embrace my soul
And give me with wisdom, wisdom of old
...Wisdom of old

Fly Raven, fly
I see the raven's made
Her nest in your eyes
She's got you thinking that
Her love is a prize
And you'll go under from
The weight of her lies
Oh! the raven's song is short, but it's strong,
Like the mind of an eager man

So the sun is goin down I hear a raven makin his rounds,
once more
To my amazement
There stood a raven
Whose shadow hung above my door
Then through the darkness
It spoke that one word
That I shall hear
once more
To my amazement
There stood a raven
Whose shadow hung above my door
Then through the darkness
It spoke that one word
That I shall hear
Free and untamed that's how I've grown
(It's Johnny Raven)
Settling down ain't my nature
Roots I'll never own
(It's Johnny Raven)
Oh your smile
inside once more.
To my amazement,
There stood the raven.
Whose shadow hung above my door.
Then through the silence,
It spoke the one word
That I
to put it down
Yeah, come on and rock with raven, And the future looks great, now
And everything's gon' change, now
Let's Rock

(Go Rae) (Let's go)
I'll tell you no lies
Ravens have bore me wings to fly
King of the night time forever
I'll embrace my immortal
Forever night
When I close my eyes tonight
Down my dreams the velvet raven flies
So I hold on

Whither goes the way I ride
In the moonlit raven's eye
And the darkness calms my mind
I see the ravens fly, born of time, demon eye
So the rain becomes again
A master sorrows friends, a better end my
With fear I look the shapes and silhouettes;
One of them I stop to stare.
Black eyes of night looking back at me;
Raven of despair..

I stare into
radiant splendor; oh, won't it be sweet 
When the raven of darkness turns into a white dove of peace 
(Raven dove) 

Oh, there will come a day when I'll fly
visions sight
Soulwinds fall into the dark ice realms
Where you now reach far

Blackwinged ravens cry for tragedies to come
Lurking with snowfall
As the first light touched the waves
And the ravens cawed across the bay
A mighty fleet with red white sails
Three hundred viking ships were
Raven black night
Let me walk with you upon the wind 
Dream-escape to another world where we belong

Sleep-awake make up your mind
Help me find
I watched those raindrop tears 
As they ran down your face 
Your flowers be evil 
Your vanity, black in grace 
On raven wings, open up the night
Do you know what you fear of the ravens dark
Do you know what they hide, hide within their hearts
Can you see the sorrow within their eyes
Can you
of the world
But the raven's eyes will show you all you need to know

The land you loved is now so barren and so cold
The name of God rings out so high in
The Very Best of John Denver (Single CD) and The John Denver Collection - Rocky Mountain High albums.

Raven's child
Is chasing salvation
Black beak turned

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