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where's all that talk about faith and grace
He said, Get on outta here son
You know only RC could have preached it that way, and he ain't here
RC Sproul, RC
季節はずれの 激しい雨が降ってる
たたきつける風が 泣き叫んでる
Oh 何度でも 夢を見せてやる
Oh この世界が
Il ''blocco V" parla
La folla risponde per bene
Basta un tocco con la "RC", chiamo Kone e Lil, sblocco il next level
Resto (Br! Br!) dà ste' pussy
Gotta make the scene
Its no dream
Its just me
(Not) looking clean
Feeling free
Been me
Rc tee with the green
Look at me
Second hand jeans
God has for
As blogueirinha que me ature
Dar ideia, tem melzinho
Me permita que eu te fure

Onde o RC e o Stay tão é putaria garantida
É só os trenzão feminino
É Putaria Natalina
Sente a vibe
E pega o pique
MC Erick junto com o RC Beat

MC Erick junto com o RC Beat
MC Erick junto com o RC Beat
MC Erick junto
my world was crumbling
My grandpa gave me his hand

It was crickets, minnows and kerosene
RC, moon pies and a softball team
Learned about life
Te gusta masato, te gusta ayahuasca, te gusta uvachado, te gusta RC
Te gusta masato, te gusta ayahuasca, te gusta uvachado, te gusta RC
llega desde
battles fighting, no game today
High up, the air is burning, dive in the trees
Strange weird RC aircraft, flying free

Race, turn, dive, crash and fall
Hip Hop, luces cámara y acción
Microphone, check the microphone
RC en la casa con el micro en On
Microphone, check the microphone
RC en la casa con el
to the
Real thing
Show me what
Keeps you wrapped in, oh
If I RC, RC I guess it
Wasn’t meant to be
So what you really gonna
Tell me?
I didn’t push back the
Rc'21 hava yolları şevkle sunar
Lütfen derin bir nefes alınız
Baylar bayanlar, Robert Kolej'den bağlanıyoruz
Olası bir türbülansta kemerlernizi
We at Rc Willey
It is her home
Her way

Bossin and we saucin
I'm turnin and i'm tossin
I be winnin 
Cut the losses
And I won it 
When I met you 
All my niggas bout that sack
Try if you want , then we on yo ass
Thumping up, running through bags
Damn RC yo beat go smash
And I been ripping all
Anything i do i be looking supaduper 
They call me rc for a reason you for know that
You for know that pen game hard freestyle bad
Make i tell you
Ooh, woo, yeah
RC Burkk, in the trap yo, what?
Ok, oh
So what if my friends go at it again?
Fighting over me or the ones they love
I told them not
Slänger shiden upp en


RC Vers 1:

Jag skriker landskrona tills ja spränger mina mandlar
ja e hård som sten så ja käkar upp din pansar
no RC a bala 'tá comendo
Passar no Catumbi a bala 'tá comendo
Eu disse que RJ é mais que Atlanta
Porque toda hora a bala 'tá comendo

Vai ficar
something under the thinnest scratch 

Stable smile means no life,
The RC scythe stays tuned tonight

Self-implied god; a standard
The words you escape
Started to flow, she promised not to hurt me
Wrapped her legs around my neck, and worked me, wit a lapdance

[Chorus: RC:]
The Henny got me in
He was kicked back workin' on a big RC
Watchin' Gomer Pyle on his little TV
Took him awhile to even notice me
Sittin' there I thought to myself
ba back
Ok lil lil freddo come la neve
Rc sai che siamo best players
Si si si lo giurò che è per sempre
B b bitch tifa per la mia gang gang yeyeye
C, it got me feeling like Poseidon
Three whole hoes get em' dripping with my trident
Life is like a movie in that Ghibli know I'm gliding
RC in my cup,
Pulling off fast in the R.C. 350

We pull off all like, like skrt (Skrt)
"You got cash?", yes sir aye
Shawty wanna get turnt
Neck cold like brr aye (Brrr)

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