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Refuse to fold like a stump, til I sold quadrillion
Bars for millenniums, flows for anyone
Im just dragon what I brung, straight fire from my lungs
could have a helluva night
None of that "this sucks"
And if you don't get it all right
We'll have another chance
In a quadrillion other lives
In another
it's time to commandeer it
Cuz I'm brilliant, resilient, one in a quadrillion
I'm doing what I can to make my mark and grab a million
Or billion, my
the reason I am alive today
A billion, trillion, quadrillion more prayers coming your way
You are grateful to answer them all
Every single day

The worries
the message to more than a million
more than a billion
more than a trillion
now we going to add it up to more than quadrillion
leave out the silly ones
gunsmoke in Tokyo
MC's dosey do your mics up in this rodeo
My star roast em up by the thousands, millions, quadrillions
Shuttin down national state buildings
billion world, quadrillion world 
Rap moves on to the year three thousand 

Three thousand! 
Three thousand! 
Three thousand! 
Three thousand!
Though many might fill it with spittle
There's graces and mercies beyond a quadrillion
In this world so full of temptation
I gotta stay strong and keep
with me, I BBQ best, I am gourmet

Yeah, you wanna know how much money I make
I make a lot of money
word to Spitta my pack different
Ever since I saved ten k I been looking at a stack different
On my way to a quadrillion
Money counter just adliving
lets call it a trillion (Fuck it let's call it)
Fuck it lets call it a quadrillion (Huh)
We raising the ceiling (Huh)
2 Hundred thousand
4 Hundred
black for the public
Media don't want the masses to discuss it
The quadrillion dollar check that you owe black Americans just add to the budget
Cash not
How much you made? Well nigga a million
Louis bag, changing colors chameleon
Stacking my money till I hit a quadrillion
Down bad in school, I was
my obsession to spook the shit out of the reaper
Or my selection to stretch these dollas to the regal
Visions of quadrillions don't just say that shit
Kelvin Aromana
Oh na
You be one in a billion
You took my breath away
Angel of my life I can't deny
Na so so garri I dey
composed by the Universe
The answer lies inside your mind a quadrillion miles wide
You need only listen and open up your eyes
To the Miracle of Life

I change my hair color everyday like Little Kim
Quadrillion dollar deals, that's what I'm interested in
I won't stop saving, 'til I get a million in
'round itself
Distracted from finding true peace and purpose
The gift of having been given life
Are odds that are quadrillions to one
Yet still it seems
Just as other millions and quadrillions of atoms
Are the tiny building blocks
Which make up everything in the world
Ships and shores...

Hello, my name is mud
I thought you might remember
I'm creation eight quadrillion and one
So long, it's been so long
Since I became a member
billion d'putes carrément
C'est quand même pas rien
Ensuite on aura pétapute, exa, zetta et yottapute
10 puissance 24 putes, yotta ça fait un quadrillion

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