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"Slipping forward
With a propensity for madness
Tethered but taut
Reality at the tip of four fingers
Or is it insanity?
Yesterday was my
Irascible, aggressive ripping head to crotch, life relieving
Propensity, consuming of the spinal cord, dead not living
Animus from perpetual authority,
arrogance our radical, primitive irreducible arrogance of reason we have all overlooked the propensity. We saw no need for it, the paradoxical something which
overlooked the propensity
We saw no need for it
The paradoxical something which we may call perverseness
Through its promptings we act without
the same you and me
Out on the go, send officials
Our propensity to breed

The higher, the farther, the faster you fly
You may be rich, but you can't
propensity to consume
And now I know
That everywhere you go
You're making enemies

And you're still running over people
Like they're no big fucking deal
If you're not a commodity, why are you so scarce
Invisible even in your solar flares
I battled your intensity
You really got propensity
To burn,
too long 
I'm just finding the floor, but when I look down, it's gone 

This is the way it should always be 
I've never had the propensity to work,
This is the final night
Whoah before the black day,
Whoah as the dim stretches further from us

Chide a morbid propensity
As I connect so naturally,
And thinks of what mommy says
About boys and broken promises
But he doesn't have that propensity
He's full of passionate intensity
He's full of himself and so
only be attained universally
Lamps of varied sizes and shapes carrying different shades
All having the propensity to illuminate
Let's ruminate
the population still increases its density
And that increases its intensity
Which increases the propensity
To complicate your simplicity
No matter your ethnicity
We spit with an intensity to shut shit down in the industry
Two different entities, with a propensity to put these nuts
Inside of your fucking mouth
flatten your crew
Could happened to you
Word it's my propensity to cut back
Instantly change direction at my point of attack and leave tracks

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