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platonic love
Platonic love
Is giving me
The chills

Platonic love
Platonic love
Platonic love
Platonic love

Platonic love

You say
There ain't no way we can be platonic

No, no, no (there ain't no way we can be platonic)
No, no, no (there ain't no way)

Can't put the words back
Your grips fallen.
I'm fallen, we've fallen beyond.
Expired, we've acquired platonic disease.
No jury, your cause.
Speak laws afford the bigot.
She said I don't know the definition of platonic
When she's sitting next to me and sipping gin and tonic
She told me we should hang out sometime
No way! 君は狼なんです
So what! I'm not Akazukin
Shake me! 危険地帯に突入
Crush on you baby!

Platonic girl platonic girl
Endless love
"It's not where the story ends"
We say our sweet goodbyes
Platonic jagged knives


The pretty girl home from the city
Met that old friend who
銀のフロアに 響いてる声
鳴らしてるだけ 回してるだけ
What's your name?
俺にいわせりゃ suiside風
the back of a car
Let's be content with what we are
Wrap me up inside yourself
Platonic truth under your belt
Cover me in clothes you've worn
After dark in
Catastrophic fuck platonics I'm on it
Ima about how Im marching
I'll eat you inside the mosh pit
Scared em seen sitting cautious
Avoiding where I be
Platonic platonic platonic 
You started letting me see you in bonnets 
Never thought we would be here to be honest
We got a lot of good friendship
to a swine
Loyalty and betrayal, it's like the leader far behind
It's like a colorful scenery, a pitch back blind
Angelic or demonic, fuckin' or platonic
for air when you're close to me

You say our love is platonic, well I agree so let's just keep it that way
When I need you, you're on it, well you see
We go super sonic
Blue face in my pocket
Shorty know I got it
We are not platonic
Give her that fatigue
She don't need chronic
She gone speak to me
it's friends we'll remain till the end of the day
Platonic doesn't change a thing for me
While it lasted it was bittersweet altogether
My affections
It came to me like a voice from above
Or like a message in praise of platonic love
And if you stand in the booth
Then you don't have to sit with
tell me if you'd love me

Platonic love
Fight for your love
Platonic love
Is this our story arc?
'Cause if it are, it'd be iconic
I wasn't gonna ask
Afraid of asking you to dance
But here I am

Falling for a friend
Goodbye Éclair, how we will miss you
'Twas platonic, don't want to kiss you
Cornelius, how could you do this?
Empty us of all our happiness
We thought
sweety switch
Me and you we're close to instill if you think
You and me in a pure platonic relationship
Me and you will fight together until I'll disappear
And in the count of 1, 2, 3

You're my spouse
You're my friend
Platonic soulmates to the end
I put a heart next to your name
In my phone, never be
Are my feelings Platonic? cause I'm confused
I guess I'm a fool for thinking I could be the one you'd choose

Nights get pretty hard for me, till I
don't show too many people
Am I asking for too much
Maybe this is just a crush
I'd be lying if I said it was platonic on my end
Maybe it's all in my head
playing around
Thought I found a platonic soulmate
Turns out it was all fake
You were just playing around
I admit I tried to fool you
Put a hex on you like
I really wanted
Shorty we pass platonic
I’m on her head like a bonnet, I turn her on like electronics
Baby can I be honest the first time we starting

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