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Manny Pacquiao  


Black shades, Johnny Cage, diamonds go parade
Motorola in the kitchen, whippin' Sonya
My plug look like Pacquiao, his daughter is Kitana
Young rich
las calles le nombraron el Pacquiao 
el hombre es de mi confianza 
ahorita anda trabajando

(Y un saludo pa toda mi raza 
de Tijuana, Baja
Hancho, now my following's colossal
Ain't no boxer, Pacquiao, but got the chopper en todo caso
It's like you heard, God spoke, I've seen the ghetto gospel
bring the K out, let the spray now
J's gon' walk right in that pot, we beat it up, Pacquiao
Invade your block, we stay on top, ain't nobody safe now
what Jesus is to Christmas
A reason to say you're gifted, uh
He want [?] spring off my nigga wow
Spit that real Mayweather for all you Pacquiao's
Rest in
the Brooklyn sound, a pro found, Biggie would be proud about
But I don't need a vet to even shop me out
Punchlines pack a Pacquiao they can't box me out

Big up
mind still on my money, my niggas still on my side
Ain't' got no worries nigga, all we do is ride
Don't switch out like Pacquiao, still gone put my
out, ooh
Give a fuck 'bout what you sayin'
Heard you running your mouth
When I see 'em I'ma Pacquiao 'em
Diamonds shining with the lights out
I'm going straight to hell that's if ballin' is a sin
Crucifix on my neck I pray it never melt
Pacquiao purse, boy I took another belt
Take a seat,
Pitbull, Tom Cruise, Mumbai
A lit up their December night like the fourth of July, vanilla sky
Thriller in Manila, knocking them out like Pacquiao
No Ali, no
tell you if you tell me who killed Pac
Aight then, I'm at this Pacquiao fight then, with Tyson
The way he's stickin', and movin' the knife, Floyd might
mano y el cabrón nunca ha peleao
Y yo que la meneo rápido como Pacquiao
Cogí a tu gata misma porque estoy moleao
Cruza la malla que puse y de una te
blunts and "what the fuck is this?"
I think this Mary is laced, my heart is beating at paces that Pacquiao can relate 
I'm Fucking faded like gradient
That top drop like Pacquiao nigga
I hit up K.O.D. and left a hundred in it
Hundred on my watch I'm shining every minute
They caught him on that
Manny Pacquiao
Blue nose pit your nigga aint backing down
Who want to go to sleep peep how I creep 
One deep thru the streets – the beast is
otro lado
Esto es hereda'o, dejo cao hasta Pacquiao
Soy demasi'o flaco pero pesa'o
En esta clase soy el delega'o

Ah, ah, sencillo pero caro
a fuck
Don't you know that I be out in France
Where the fans throw they hands like Pacquiao
Not 'cause my looks, 'cause my hooks could knock Rocky out
don't wanna see the box like Manny Pacquiao
Little nigga Mayweather size, ride like Pac
In his prime, thug life is now on radar
Til the federal come
a real big ol ratchet though
I said dude yo dude you packing out
He said he want good box like Pacquiao
I said well my name Nicki and it's nice to meet
Pacquiao, but under the leather
Hold a mac with no pump and up one note the Grammy hour
Cold chemists taste the flow
It's numb meets copper rum, bluntin'
anything anything
And the flow tight, skinny jeans skinny jeans
Hit you like Pacquiao, Philippines Philippines

I can see the morning creeping up on us
He stripped blood, doubled back, and cashed me out for the stick
Pacquiao for the bitch
Her snot box on numby
If paisa playin' wit' paper, how you
to show a rubber band to Pacquiao
Bring it back, got back, splat [?]
On the man, I'm the man still I [?]
Money made [?], I'm an animal
Good [?] Imma give
don't wanna see the box like Manny Pacquiao
Little nigga Mayweather size, ride like Pac
In his prime, thug life is now on radar
Til the federal come

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