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The scale has tipped and not in our favor

Approaching 8 billion and counting...
Sadly, we require disease, mass murder and blind genocide

eat pheasant, you eat hash	
No philanthropy	
But when it's time for me to croak
Bury me with all my dough	
And where there should've been an oak
Clear out charm of world illusions

Philanthropy to felicity, so why can't we live with one another
Diluted, restored and regrouped
Waiting for
Philanthropy to felicity, so why can't we live with one another
Diluted, restored and regrouped
Waiting for crystallization
Reunion of
enough to the correct charity
She won't be president of your wonderful societies of
Even if you asked her to be
As you should have asked
like he the Holy Trinity
Uh, but I encourage philanthropy
Yeah and I ball when I rap like I'm Master P
If one more old ass nigga say somethin' 'bout
forget your philanthropy
You don't have a penny till your name Anfernee
Don't ever bite the hand that feed you and then stick out your hand for me
Passed down through centuries
The order lives and feeds upon them
A global fraternity
Philanthropy, tactical deception
In plain sight throughout
mustn't do what we did to you
Says the big blonde teacher from oversea
But all his good works and philanthropy
Still can't make the stupid sound clever
was just tryna get rid of us niggas
I just say, "Screw 'em" like fill ups with with us
Philanthropy, now I peed in a cup 
For my niggas who knew they
casually turn our backs on the fatalities
Then try to hide the atrophy with finances and fantasy
We're massively in need of philanthropy, so answer me
Do you
how can it be
I gave a lot to what we had
Cause I'm all about philanthropy
Doing good for doing good
And doing good for charity
While you were up to no
Empty hours, two hearts rust. Shards of hate, cutting the hands, the hands of philanthropy. He's trapped, he's trapped in a stubborn maze, locked
I'd try philanthropy if I could lose my solipsistic haze
I'd try the politics of love
But I don't want to deal with
All the heat that comes my way
Universe tried to cancel me so substantially
Now its less fuck you's and more philanthropy
Had me numb to your feelings like taking anastege
I get
One of the first gigs I ever played, out of all places
Was at my brother's fraternity house in Norman for some philanthropy event
And, you see, my
out your philanthropy
It didn't take you much to do your part
But you closed off opportunity
With narrow cold hypocrisy
And in the end you traded
Couldn't afford Harrison
Behind a wooden door garrison
Hoping time would grant you amnesty
Pan-handler philanthropy

When the hum become

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