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The Joke
Five years in a PC camp 

Multicoloured sweets 
In bottom of white sweet pack
The realization burns into my back 

The Joke
Five years in
Teacher starve your child, P.C. approved
As long as the right words are used
Systemised atrocity ignored
As long as bilingual signs on view

The joke
The joke
Five years in a PC camp
Multicoloured sweets

In bottom of white sweet pack
The realization burns into my back
The joke
I want your PC
(Welcome to Nextasy)
I want your PC
(Guys, press one, Ladies, press two)
I want your PC
(Your selection is two)

and punk is gay
PC rhyms with FCC
But also with stupidity
If Jesus saves and Kobe shoots
Then Shaq will score the rebound

Here I sit so broken hearted
Big Collection, independent
Devil's Advocate, Protege

Hawaiian Shirt, Buddy Buddy
Just Chillin', Crystal Meth
Big Budget, Dirty Hair
Anti PC, Dive
skin on file 
There's no escape 
P.C. Keen's got the snap shots 
And he knows your face 

And the press will declare 
That you're all mad
He works shifts, days in the factory, prints chips for foreign PC`s,
At night deep in his hideaway, steals out of the monitor screen,
Looking good
Soldado esquivando lo patético
Desde la trinchera de su PC
Busqué en el espacio cibernético
El amor que un día tuvo y se le fue

Y hace sus
And I hope heaven has a honky tonk
With a 5 pc band,
Cowboy boots,and bluejeans are  part of the master plan
And I hope Hanks on the jukebox, Bob Wills
Tapping at my PC 
That is the frame of the game
I'm single bilingual
Single bilingual
I'm single bilingual
Single bilingual
Hay una discoteca por
play the song

And it's too bad, if you ask me, 
Our song's gotta be so darn P.C.
So damn P.C.

Play the song, play the song
Turn it up loud so we
and we'll make you P.C.
Peace and love incorporated

Peace and love
It's the newest cause by far
And we've got all the biggest stars
Get your politics
Crazier than gg, yet more pc than ian
Got colored teeth like johnny
Exudes a vicious disposition
His hair sticks out like colins did, he jumps
He's a Bobby he's a joker
He's a Bobby we want dead
He's a Bobby, P.C. Stoker why
Can't we have a decent copper
Proper copper instead?

Stoker loves
ass into outer space
I'm sorry of this don't sound too P.C.-
I don't worship her so she hates me
She's a cretin - can't you see
She's a cretin -
Let's go
To the rock show
But what's this now
Not allowed
To get pissed now
You're not down
If your shirt ain't brown
Hooray for the P.C. gestapo
of DC, we drink we smoke
We fuck we fight, We're no PC Fantasy

so if we're assholes, just let us be, do what you want in
Your life, but don't judge me, we
A riot boy I just don't give a shit
Wasting your time I ain't listening
PC punks fuck off! Shove your fuckin dove
Evil is the bastard that's gonna
band because they're not PC
But they won't get too far
And if they do I'll say that they stole my guitar.
Crazier than GG, yet more PC than Ian 
Got colored teeth like Johnny 
Exudes a vicious disposition 
His hair sticks out like Colin' did, he jumps
Pc ahora cualquiera hacer rap.

Las quedadas en la plaza sustituidas por un chat 
Decimos lo que sentimos solo por Whatsapp 
Escribes con la fuck
When it comes to you Lord I can't get enough
I want to give you my love
Because you are the real thing

Lift Him up
Lift Him up
Lift Him up
and let's burn one Cledus
No need to go to the record store
I've got every song that you're looking for
On my PC
And they're all free
Just click