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Oooj oj oj oj oj
Ojoj oj oj oj oj

Oooj oj oj oj oj
Ojoj oj oj oj oj

Jag lever dubbla liv kalla mig bruce wayne 
Stilen chockar dig som
These white people voting for Trump
But they don't give a fuck about OJ
I watch the nigga whole TV show
And still don't give a fuck about OJ
Oj, dali, tam, da-li
Tam, za tumanami
Tam, za tumanami
Deva kosu pletet

Tam, za tumanami
Deva kosu pletet
Oj, da pletet
Da prigovarivaet:
Och dom är bra att ha
Men dom kan ju gå av

Gnissel, gnissel
Rassel, rassel
Prassel, prassel
Oj, vilken sång!
Gnissel, gnissel
Do you read me
This is headquarters
And soon you'll be free
We got commandos on the way
So just sit tight, OJ

Sitting around Sunday morning
Elvis lives and Bob Dylan is dead
And OJ's wife's crawling back from the dead
Love is great
Oh yeah love is good
And my bed friend thinks that
have a dream that one day "Rodney King, O.J.,
Symbols of our life's and times, "One giant leap for mankind"
the sun 
Perving everyone 

O.J, O.J, Jose Sammy too, got nothin' to do 
The realtor hit the floor 
He's disgusted 
Wants to get'em all busted

Kaffer for life

Idi and Ike
Michael and Mike
O.J. and X
Satan and Baal
Instead of a Hank
Frank E. and Ju

Uncle Ben
Uncle Tom
Zima morozliva
Oh, ne morozi-ka Zima
Da-li dobra molodca

Ne moroz' Zima
Da dobra molodca
Oj, kak s muzhom i-to zhona
Da-li ne
Johnny Walker leaves me black and red
And sick in the head
Cuervo Gold so I'm told
Will make you useless in bed
Gimme O.J. with my Stolichnaya
doubt in my mind
That OJ did it, Lee Harvey didn't
And she's really gone this time

I believe that cold, cold beer
Tastes better on a bar stool than
that be makin' the guns spark
Why can't we all just get along?

LAPD, riots, beating
Streets on fire, people fleeting
Someone said there's O.J
mehr weit bis zum Haus mit dem Boot, yeah
Mach's wie MJ, OJ, okay
Ihr erreicht mich nicht einmal mehr auf dem Telefonweg
Fluchtwagen auf Autopilot,
lite grann och fnissa
Kasta (t)ankar
Bli lite vågade, ha lite skoj
Oj, oj, oj!"

"Och hur vi sedan få
En och kanske två egna små jollar
Jeh, oj, da vo svoj mirok
Navij ugolok, chtob rabotal vprok!
Jeh, vorotish'sja nazad
Budesh' staryj ded, cherez mnogo let!

Kak cherez sotnju
Oj, ty step', da oj, ty step'
Oj da step' shiroka
Rasplastalas' daleko-daleko
Steljas' travami vo veka sedye
K holmam svjatym
V rowi vekovye
If you want it, we can get right to it
Mix some vodka with some OJ
Skip the mornin' and let's get right to it
Put your hands on my body

I don't slang no bang 
But I kill a motherfucker like 
It ain't no thing 
I'm set 
I got Joe, got Moe, got OJ and I'm set 

Red team bout
And we read some 'zines and watched my soaps

And I went out to buy some oj but I bought some beers instead
It was a lonely day, a famous day,
Coax me, cajole me
Coax me, cajole me 

If I drink concentrated OJ
Can I think Consolidated's okay?
It's not the band I hate, it's their fans
dead, j'suis innocent comme OJ Simpson
Les strings sont mouillés, au scalpel rouillé s'fait l'autopsie
of my generation. There's no way in Hell, that the violence in music and movies desensitizes. I wonder what was OJ's favorite cd. You can't hold me
the rear.
O.J. is napping, dropping his socks near the bag
But there's somebody there, planting some hair.

Officer Mark Fuhrman,
(He likes to set up colored
she's working at the spigot,
You can hear her calling orders like this,

Give me a Ham one down and a burger rare
Side of 'slaw and a 7 layer
OJ up,

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