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Nodes of Ranvier  


la noche) 
Dansam sub cerul instelat 
Noi si noi emotii 
La fiesta de la noche 
Orice, vreau orice noapte sa fie 
Fiesta de la la noche
child nodes
You must be perfect you must be my nova
Bring me your heart I will cover it with fruit
I will take care it grows in my warm nice room
I can
the other day, uh
I don't even know her name, uh
But she jumping out the window
Yes man like ten-four
In her throat like a lymph node
I can tell you what
die vrede 
Ag, hoe dikwels ly ons smart 
Net omdat ons nie ons node 
Uitstort in God's Vaderhart 

Wat 'n vriend het ons in Jesus 
Hy wat in ons
than a dress 
That's a Grace Kelly movie
Dressed up to the nodes' 
We'll make our grand entrance
With prickers in our fingers 
We tried to take care
IT AWAY get my nodes offline
TAKE IT AWAY sweet nothing sunshine
TAKE IT AWAY and I'll be fine

I wish I were stupid so I wouldn't realise
That I'm
genre's lymph nodes are swole up
It's time to check it for Strep or some Tonsillitis
'Cause like what they swab you with when your throat hurts
Even the hoes was full of laughter
Flew back to the booth, went harder
Now node your heads to the product
Suck a nigga dick like he hotter
up like Lymph nodes
Been a go-getter from the get go
Always talkin' bout what you was finna do
Damn broad thought that you were finna get dough
And dear nix the tone, as I pull my fuckin' pain out
One of your short nodes, might blow my fuckin' brains out
But you ain't even pick up
between nodes in his cursed soul
Cyboogie, augmented senses
Scholarship robe, call for celebration
When was it the consciousness can
Bouncy ball
And Imperial corrosive nodes
A prime directive to disconnect
Reclaim yourself and resurrect

Distraction flows down an obsessive stream
gangster node 
You all clockwork apocalypse you about to implode 
Collapsing on yourself cause your whole foundation is 
Built on lies don't apologize
zip codes
Secret decoder ring codes
Arteries, shopping nodes

We'll invent some new computers
Link up the global village
And get AP, UPI,
the... real... 
Do you think if you made a long story, I would nodes
Cause you got another... hold off for you fix it up
You want to... your head, next
Implode, while the brain corrodes
Bodies sold to science, profiting from the dead
Creation of a being never known to man
Heart pumping pus
Lymphatic nodes
Implode, while the brain corrodes
Bodies sold to science, profiting from the dead

Creation of a being never known to man
Heart pumping
You've been running for so long, still breathing
Hoping soon to find a song worth singing
Every chapter of this node, they're reading
But you
being transmitted over the
Pirate communications matrix
Because there was word that the rebel
Trolls from the new sector have
Secured nodes within
April night-time
And we run like muscles through the stagnant nodes of man
Blood-bridges lean towards the gaping synapses
To disarms the stars
said Shawty freeze and she froze it
And then she brought it back, girl you the coldest
I don't know how to act, looked up and nodes
Fine women
the node? 

Beyond mission control the theory behind your thought 

Marie Antoinette, behead me, I still rock 

While you choke and suffocate I'll be
veterans to greenhorn.
Beat it; make a bee-line; be lax or you'll be outed.
Spit words that's really cold, pinchin' lymph nodes, El.
The inconvenience
Men spiller stadig NODE i deres blok nu
Hva' er der sket?
De ung' dreng' sidder ind' for drab nutildags
Helt alen'
Ja, dem, der kaldt' dig bror, (?)

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