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The Morrígan! 

War Woman
Queen Undying

You are the eel
The noose
I will crack your skull on the green stone

You are
of war:

Nemain, Morrigan, Babh Catha
Three crows fly
Like ghosts from another time
Above me in the sky

In the shape of the blackest birds they once
wit Prada fits, came a long way from truie jeans
I been snapping up in nemains
She see the tags, she like take me back, I told her to give me a reason
throes robbed by breeze

I listened
The howl of the Nemain wracked the bloodied still

I listened
Fright gone, the desolation spoke
of the Sidhé
Three warcrows filled with utter grimness
Descended from the sky like fiery rain
A triad of awesome divine powers
Morrigan, Macha and Nemain

of ill omen 
Her mournful cries disturb the silence 
Filled with rage 

She heralds war and fire 
Nemain and Dagda in her wake 
A sisterhood of thricefold
blade to reveal fate
It should be boiled clean - no remaining flesh!
Blemishes and indents reveal premonitions
Nemain observes through the fog-strewn

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