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pedigree, the best of show five-foot-three
Speak of the legacy for short people around the world
Napoleonic bionic people who cause the world to twirl
full body
Going bi-onic against fake rappers napoleonic
No, you are not iconic
You are the same shit just full of chronic
And ten gin tonic on a hangover
And if i burn my place down, ill have nowhere to stay, yea
Nowhere to stay, stuck switching lanes, under duress
No one to blame, just my Napoleonic
Thinking back your behavior really reflects
A furball napoleonic complex
Oh pepper can't you see
Can't you see
Solo for me Pepper
You know, for a dog named
a lie
No one's gonna free you when you willingly agree
To Napoleonic orders
From a band of merry thieves
Tricking you so easy cause you're piss
the Napoleonic Code
And made reform to give people some food

I made infrastructure change
Got rid of those scummy reigns
Took those women's rights away
Why would you want to
Hurt or kill or maim
To take a dream or life away
And why would you hear the calling
In your Napoleonic mind
To hurt so
hypocrite with Napoleonic stare
Your lies will lose their weight
before you ever lose your hair
I hope this song reminds you
how not to treat a friend

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